How Do You Really Get To Carnegie Hall?

“You probably know the answer to this famous question. ‘How do I get to Carnegie Hall?’ The famous answer, ‘Practice, practice, practice!’ The answer is accurate and true. While you may practice and not get there, most assuredly you won’t if you don’t practice.

That is how you make it happen. Any skill or talent you want to learn improves with correct practice and repetition. That is how you learned to roll over, crawl, walk, talk and feed yourself. It is how you learned reading and writing and arithmetic. It is how you play games.

If you want to be a concert pianist you must practice, practice, practice correctly. What is difficult at first becomes easier. The more you do the more you can do. This is how it works. You stick with it until you master it. You are in a process. There is a learning curve.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Correct

You are in the Conscious Competence until you are in Unconscious Competence. It takes the time it takes and that time frame differs for everyone. It isn’t a straight line. It is uphill, downhill and has plateaus. There are for phases to learning. I’ll briefly explain.

Unconscious Incompetence means you don’t know what you don’t know. Prior to being exposed to bike riding you didn’t know about bikes or that one, or you, could ride them. You are ignorant to it. Conscious Incompetence means know you know you can’t.

The Conscious Competence is when you talk your way through it. It seems a struggle. You have to pay attention to so many things. Just like when you first learned to bike ride or drive a car. You had to ‘think hard’ about it. You forgot. You made it work. You forgot.

The More You Do The More Capable Of Doing You Become

The more fun and delight, the more you nurture and encourage yourself and the process, the more you enjoy, the swifter and easier the process is . Always keep the faith. Know where you are headed. As you keep moving forward you eventually will get there.

Unconscious Competence is when you have made it a part of you. Your skillset becomes a reliable, automatic habit. You can do it without thinking. As you did one day when you hoped on a bike, or drove the car without thinking. You just did it. Everything worked.

You now can drive and be caught up inside your head and not even realize for a time period you are still driving. Your unconscious does it, similarly to how it takes care of beating your heart and digesting your food. You no longer talk your way, think your way, through it.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills – Skill Comes Of Doing – Repeat

Our habits are all like this. The difference is we have learned some positive, supportive, uplifting habits and we have learned some negative and non-supportive habits. Some habits are both depending on when applied. Running away from tiger, good.

Being afraid to start a project that is good for you, not so good. You can overwrite the non-supportive habits the same way you learn to ride a bike, drive a car, become a concert pianist or learn to do anything. Through correct, consistent repetition for long enough.

You can learn to do and master anything you put your mind to. You can learn to be happier, more positive, more successful, you can take control of yourself to create your best life ever, when you know you can. When you apply certain life changing principles! Design your mind and you design your life. Pretend anything and you can master it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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