Some People Never Bother To Change…

“Many people don’t bother to improve themselves. They simply slug along doing what they have always done. Whining, complaining and blaming. Their focus is on others, what is wrong and what should be corrected so they have it easier. Some people are like this, right?

In reality, they’re blessings for the others who seek to improve. Some consider them thorns, not blessings, but they are blessings! They are mirrors for us. Being who they are they show us where we need to change. They reflect us. So, don’t judge them. Love them.

They actually help us see our blind spots. Be grateful for them and  for all circumstances for the same reason. “Challenges’ provide us opportunities to recognize where we need to change and the opportunity to change. Don’t judge, love instead. Be thankful.

How You Change Is How You Succeed – Skill Comes Of Doing

Today, decide on something to be grateful about. Enjoy it and express your thankfulness. Also, find one area to improve on. Whatever it is, in your experience, find a way to make it, or yourself, better. Imagine if you did this every day. 1% improvement per day.

That is 365% improvement in a year. Your abilities to improve and feel grateful increase with use. Muscles atrophy when not used. Plants, animals and people die if not watered. If everyday you exercise your happiness, and condition your success, those muscles will grow. They will grow a lot in time! So, do something wonderful for yourself each day. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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