Why You Need Certainty In An Uncertain World!

“‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it!’  Anything within reason, Hill added. Meaning you won’t and can’t defy natural laws. You won’t turn lead into gold, sprout wings and fly, etc. BUT you can become fabulously happy, healthier and wealthier!

You can contribute to others, add value, and change the world! Belief is the main ingredient one must bring to imagination in order to make it happen. CERTAINTY, is what Hill meant. Tenacity, the will to do, as in ‘I WILL DO IT NO MATTER WHAT! That is certainty.

If You Have Strong Belief In Yourself No Adversity Is Too Difficult

Then persist until you do, adapting and adjusting as necessary. Hill also pointed out that if you vibe high, maintain a positive attitude, a cheery, optimistic outlook, you will feel better and attract others of a similar vibe and mindset who’ll help you to succeed. Like and Like!

Hill added, no one succeeds alone. That is true. We all rely on others to purchase our ideas and products to make us rich. Nothing happens in isolation or a vacuum. Get it? When you know you will make it happen, when you are certain, then you CAN succeed.

Conceive It Is Possible – Believe It Is Possible –  And It Is Possible

When we add value to others, by our vibes and our actions, we attract others who will add value to us. A rising tide lifts everyone in the boat. Still, it begins with your imagination. You make it happen because you are certain and determined you will. You achieve.

So work on your mindset. Become unstoppable. Get over past hurdles and obstacles so you can move forward. Learn to be positive and feel good most of the time. What you think about you bring about! So be happy. Be grateful and you will transform, as you do these things to transform yourself. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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