Once You Learn It You Can Do It

“The journey is designed so that you learn about yourself. It’s your journey. Lessons are your lessons. Experiences that come your way, all experiences good and not so good, are for you to learn you have choices in how you view them. You have opportunities open to you.

Your life path is designed to help you learn that you create everything in your life path. Good and not so good are all your doing. Yup, you don’t believe it. One day, perhaps you will. Everything is designed so you can learn to point your power the way you want.

Instead of creating what you don’t want, which so many people do, you create what you do want. You learn how to aim your power and make the good you want to happen consistently. You master manifesting. To get there you must journey and develop confidence.

It Isn’t The Destination That Is Important It Is How You Journey

When you are confident you can manifest anything you want, you will manifest anything you want. Funny, how this works. When you were a  baby you didn’t know you couldn’t crawl or walk. You tried it and kept doing it. You succeeded. Now you can walk anywhere.

That is how it works. It takes some people a lifetime to learn this. The universe is very patient. Some believe it takes many times. I don’t know, that is all up to you. Whether you get what you want or not is in your hands. It is completely up to you. Believe it or not!

Learn how to get good at manifesting what you want, enjoy, delight in and intend to! That would be worth it, would it not? Learn how to stop creating frustration, struggle and what you don’t want. Then life would be more incredible, a lot more fun and profitable! Wouldn’t it?  In the meantime, this will help you do that; you’ll grow faster when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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