What So Many People Miss! Don’t Make This Mistake!

“Many people want things. Lot’s of people attempt to ‘think’ them into being. That is a great beginning place. Your thinking makes it so. Still, you need right action to back up your right thinking. So many people make the following  mistake. You loose out if you do.

‘There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he  believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief not mere hope or wish,’ said Napoleon Hill. He makes this very important distinction!

Some people want things but aren’t ready to acquire them. One reason is they wish and hope instead of deliberately making things happen. They don’t believe in themselves and their ability to take charge and go get it. They wish and hope and want. Then complain.

What You Think About You Bring About – Thinking Makes It So

Do you? Do you go after what you want? Is your mind focused and your mindset positive? Do you put yourself in charge and take the positive steps toward making it come to pass, or do you sit and hope it will be attracted to you? The latter is a sure way to fail.

Some people want ‘wanting’ things more than they enjoy getting things. I did. Christmas would come around, my birthday and other holidays and I was thrilled. Eager! I couldn’t wait to get my presents. When the presents arrived I felt disappointed and let down.

Even when they were exactly what I wanted. It was great time anticipating them, but ho-hum getting them. Have you experienced this? It goes to prove that getting things doesn’t make you happy. This is the reason many successful, wealthy people feel unfulfilled.

The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge Is Action – Skill Come From Doing

You must be happy first. Then whatever you get you enjoy. You don’t change because you get things. You enjoy what you have and you enjoy what is added to you. That comes from the correct mindset and heart space first. Get it? I hope you do or you’ll keep suffering.

You must believe in yourself and believe you can acquire it. You must want to be it, do it, and have it, more than simply wanting it. You must make yourself into someone who gets what you want through positive means. You make it happen because you know you will.

Get it? It is up to you if it is going to come true. Your mental state and your emotional state are crucial to your success. Be happy, be eager, be thrilled. Be certain, you not only want it but you can and will acquire it because you are the kind of person who can and will. Get it? Celebrate everything!”

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