How To Be Happier And More Delighted

“Applying these practices and principles can make an incredible difference. When you make these things part of you, you transform yourself and the world around you. Today, I share another wonderful quote. Do these things, think this way, and you can live a better life!

‘Be happy for those who are happy, be compassionate toward those who are unhappy, be delighted for those who are virtuous,
and be indifferent toward the wicked,’ wrote Patanjali, long ago. What a wonderfully simple statement to change your life.

Be happy for those who are happy. That includes you! Be compassionate to those who are unhappy. That includes you! No resentment, no envy, no blaming, no excusing, just be happy and compassionate. Live this way and imagine how things could be.

What You Focus On Is What You Get. Speak To Bless Heal Prosper

Be delighted for those who are virtuous. What you focus on expands. Your delight can expand. Your happiness grows. Be indifferent toward the wicked. Don’t support,  give into, or allow it to expand by thinking on it. Let it wither and die. Cut the nutrients!

Be happy. Be compassionate. Focus on the good. Let go of the rest. Practice these things and your life will change! Be grateful. You can easily begin to implement these ideas. Simple but powerful ideas. What matters most is whether you do them or not. Do nothing and nothing changes. Practice these and everything can change. Try it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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