Your Word Has Power!

“Your word is powerful! That’s your word to yourself and your word to others. Know that you are only as good, and as positive, and as true, and as reliable, as your word, your promises to you, and your promises to others. Keep your commitments! Your word is law!

Remember the 48 hour rule. That states that whenever you decide to do something, anything, begin it within 48 hours. Act as soon as possible. Take steps toward making it happen. Why? Because your brain learns you mean business when you act on your decisions.

WhenEVER you decide to undertake a new project or program, whenever you say to self, or others, you are going to do something, do it! Begin to do it right away! Commit. Stop delaying and start acting. THEN ACT AND GET IT DONE! Completion IS the point!

Tell Me You Are Going To Do Something But Don’t – I Remember

Finish it. Take steps to put it into action. Then act on it and then complete! Why? Because completion is what you seek. Not doing, delaying, things on your plate, hanging over your head cause stress. So begin it as soon as possible and complete it as soon as possible.

Keep your word to yourself and to others. This is important. You train your brain that you mean business. Being vague, saying sometime this week, is not a specific target. Your brain doesn’t know what to do so it does what it always has. Most likely nothing positive.

You feel incomplete. You let yourself or others down. It is a pattern of behavior you can change. How? Set deadlines and hit your deadlines. WHY? Because, as I pointed out things that remain undone create unconscious stress for you and others!

Your Word Is Law – Keep Your Commitments To Self And Others

Because you train your brain to work for you. You want your brain to work positively the way you direct it to. You should be in charge of your brain and your brain should not be in charge of you. Learn to eliminate unproductive prior conditioning! Get it? You need to!

Your vague ‘whenever’ is what you get when you attempt to use the Law Of Attraction to create your best life ever. You don’t get what you want easily or effortlessly because your brain isn’t aimed at a target. It’s similar to saying, ‘I want more money’. A penny is more!

Is that enough for you? One cent?  If you can’t do it within a specified timeframe, 48 hours or whatever deadline you set, then why should you expect to get what you want within a certain time frame. You get back what you put out. You must go first. Then you get back! Get it?

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word

It is true seeds are planted, The planter of the seeds knows what is being planted and when the harvest is! The planter knows the seasons! It doesn’t occur randomly or at different times. Each seed  has a deadline for the growing season. This is important to know.

The season ends with the harvest. The harvester reaps the results of the sowing. The harvester doesn’t need to check back everyday to see if the harvest is ready. The harvested knows when to expect it. You should too. Others, who rely on you, should too! Get this!

You must do the same with your plans, your projects, your creations. Whether that is cleaning your room, learning new material, undertaking a task for yourself, or at work, learn to act and act until you finish! Set deadlines you and others can depend on. Get it done!

You Lose Credibility When You You Don’t Make A Commitment

This is how successful people act. They don’t dangle projects in front of others. They say this is what needs to be done and by this time. Then they expect themselves and others to carry it out. Complete it on time and you feel good. Ahead of schedule and you feel great!

Get it done! Create and complete is the creative process. There is a definite beginning, middle and end. The better you get at hitting deadlines the better a creator you become! The weakest link in the system is vagueness. We’ll discuss this more in the future.

For now realize being vague and not committing to a deadline and successfully completing your work delays everything for you and everyone else. It prevents the universe from giving to you, too. Remember, you are only as good as the promises you make.

Reputation Precedes You – Your Actions And Words Matter

By the way, don’t act like a child and say, i didn’t use the word promise, or I crossed my fingers. Your word is law. You either live by your word, and others can count on it and you, too, or you do not. If you don’t and your life isn’t what you want it to be you must change!

If you don’t know when to expect it to be complete how would anyone or anything else know? YOU create your reality. Get it? If things aren’t happening swiftly enough examine what you have been doing to prohibit it. How is your life going? Examine what you do!

Once you know, don’t blame. Instead, resolve to be different and change it! Keep your word. Aim you positive mindset and behaviors at it and make it happen. Realize YOU create results. You are either moving closer to what you want or further away. Decide which it is!

Your Word Is Your Bond – Do What You Say – Keep Your Word

Be honest, don’t deceive yourself. Make whatever adjustments you need to move forward positively. If you aren’t getting the results you want, if you aren’t living your best life ever, if you have lot’s of loose ends and stress, it is time you take this seriously and change it.

These are points which many people gloss over but these are incredibly important. I speak on these many times. I have watched people through the years ignore these and get no where fast. It is always people who think they know better.

I have watched people take these principles to heart and implement them and enjoy incredible transformation! Whether you get nowhere fast or enjoy incredible transformation is entirely up to you and what you do or do not do. Get it?

People May Hear Your Words But They Feel Your Attitude

When you live by your word. When you keep promises to yourself and others you become invincible!! Then you’ll notice how easily you create and make your best life ever and your dreams come true. All of life can change when you do. Do it today. Then celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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