What To Do When Friends Disappoint And Hurt You

“It sucks when friends, or family, let you down or betray you. It sucks and it hurts. Yet, it can be a good thing, although this is a lesson, not everyone will appreciate, understand or agree with. Be glad the light has been shown on the person and their behaviors. Yes, be glad!

You’re aware now. You feel the sting. If you’ re able, don’t react from past conditioning. If you don’t react out of anger, hatred or vengeance you’ve an amazing opportunity.  You’ve an opportunity, to cut loose, let go, and rid yourself of it. Even if you don’t like it.

We clean our house. We weed our garden. Sometimes, we have toxic relationships we’d be better off without. This may be the time to let the person go. Send them off on their own, but do it with peace, love, blessing and forgiveness. You may bristle at the thought of this.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Skill Comes Of Doing

Don’t wish bad on them. Remember, what you put out comes back to you. To wish them injury of any kind is to aim that same injury at yourself. If you frown into the mirror the mirror person frowns back. Rise above. This is an opportunity to get free. Stop wanting revenge.

Release them. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Let them go. Turn the entire situation over to a higher power, the universe, your subconscious, whatever you choose to believe or call it. Cast your burden on the divine mind so you can go free. This is important!

When you weed your garden you don’t hang onto the weeds. You don’t even hate the weeds. You simply remove them. This person or persons, this situation, was in your life for you to benefit from, even if the benefit comes from a ‘hard’ lesson. Get it? This IS for you.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

You have the opportunity to learn to release, and let go of, resentment to persons and events, past and present. You have the opportunity to get free. Speak and act only to bless, heal, prosper, inspire, motivate and transform. Stop running negative narratives.

Keep your sight and your attitude aimed high. Take the higher road. Release. Stop hanging on. Recognize the blessing in the lesson of the pain. Learn the lesson and let go of the hurt. Forgive yourself and the person. Move forward. What you focus on is what you get! Let go.

It is simple but not necessarily easy. You may have to let go again and again. You may have to release resentments over and over until you actually drop them. You may have to keep affirming the good and the blessing a great number of times. DO IT! Let go and let god! Do it!

Let Go And Let God – Make Letting Go A Positive Habit – Let Go

Focus on the good things in life. Allow and receive good to come to you. This is HOW you will transform. Going through this will make other things easier to move through when encountered. If you avoid it, or do what you always done, you’ll keep you perpetuating it.

You will live over and over again the same painful, victim-centered resentment cycles. Stop pushing it away. Stop living from old programs. Start living free. Do something different. Take positive actions. Think positively! Allow yourself to be filled with love.

Until you actually do it, you may think this is hogwash. I know I have. Do it and you will discover the difference!  You will transform. Life is for living well. Life is for abundance, joy, health, loving relationships and all the best. Life is too short to perpetuate problems.

What You Think About Most Frequently You Become – Be Positive

Still, problems, when properly understood enable us to move forward and live a wonderful life. Live with gratitude. This lesson helps you learn to transform yourself. When you are able to consider everything a blessing, when you are able to let go and get free, everything changes. This is WHY I keep saying ,celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “What To Do When Friends Disappoint And Hurt You”

  1. I have had to let go. It works wonders. It was an action for my personal survival. Once again, it was great. Thanks for this message, Rex!


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