The Good And Not So Good News!

“You try to make things happen. You attempt to use Law Of Attraction, you pray, wish, hope and work hard but still don’t get ahead, or get what you want. What on earth is wrong? Well, I have some good and not so good news for you. Are you ready for it?

No amount of wishing, praying, hoping, dreaming and even working hard will get you want you want and deserve! Sorry, but that is the truth.  It isn’t about how hard you effort but about how smart you effort. That is one point. So what does smart effort means. This!

Through the ages sages have told us to have faith. Faith will get you what you you want. Napoleon Hill and other thought leaders stress faith and belief. That MEANS faith and belief in yourself thatYOU will make it happen. They don’t mean faith outside of you. Big point!

Our Thought Habits Either Support Us Or They Do Not

The problem is the word faith, and belief. These have religious over tones. When you believe you may doubt. Doubting yourself won’t get you closer. You must be certain you will do what you say you will! You must be certain you can and will make it happen. Boom!

That is it. You decide to do it. You do it! All the while you KNOW you can. You expect it. You are not distracted, nor dismayed. You have absolute certainty no matter what, come what may, you will persist and do whatever you must, that is positive, to make it happen.

Without this faith, this certainty, don’t expect much to happen. Those who succeed big didn’t know how they would succeed. They simply knew they would. They kept at it until they did. You can too! Anything commitment less than this, don’t expect to. Get it?

Develop The Best Positive Mindset – Design Your Mind And Win

That is the not so good news. You won’t succeed  if you aren’t certain you will.  So do whatever positive things it takes to develop this certainty and you will make your dreams come true! Don’t let your dreams die by hoping, wishing, and doubting while working hard. Be certain and create your best life ever!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

PS I am here to help you live the life you deserve to live!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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