You Weren’t Born To Suffer So Why Do You?

“You were not born to suffer. You were born to be happy. You were born to win. You were born to succeed. If you look at a healthy child, notice, joy is a natural state. The child has a mission, to roll over, sit up, crawl, feed itself, walk, talk and the child does each of these.

Everything is forward movement. The reason you suffer is you learned to suffer by adopting reasons and limiting beliefs from people around you all the while growing up. If you give more weight to the negative than to the positive you are bound to suffer.

You can’t live a positive life thinking negative. You began this journey optimistic and eventually got it trained out of you. You learned negative thought and behavior habits. To get back on the right track and be the winner you were meant to be you gotta learn good habits.

You Can’t Go Uphill Thinking Downhill Thoughts – Be Positive

Remember, you were born to win. You were born to do great things. You were not born to be downtrodden, nor mediocre. Claim your heritage. Decide to win. Decide to succeed. Decide to be happy. Happiness and success is a choice. Choose it. Stop suffering.

Choose to be different. Stop letting temporary setbacks get you down. Rise above the disappointment. Adopt a champion mindset. Commit to being excellent. Commit to achieving your dreams. Let no obstacle prevent you from having the positive good you desire.

Discover that ‘bad’ things, ‘negative situations’ serve to make you stronger. Learn from adversity. Learn that in every adversity is the equivalent seed of opportunity. Recognize your talents and abilities. Return to the person you were born to be. Be the winner you already are. Realize this and suffering ceases and you become invincible. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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