Obama on Trump: Trump Is A Symptom Of The Oligarchy The Founding Fathers Warned Us About

“Whether you like Obama or not, he speaks truthfully about the ‘powers that be’ attempt to keep the citizens divided to maintain their hold on power and privilege. The ‘rulers’ know keep the ‘peons’ fighting each other and they will never oppose the rulers.

While this is a U. S. issue right now, citizens worldwide need to remain alert, vigilant and not be dissuaded nor distracted by all the horrible shiny objects placed in front of them to keep people down. Understand the struggle and rise above it. People can change things.

Click To Watch Obama Talks About Our Troubling Times

From the founding U.S. fathers to present day politicians we were warned we’d face these issues. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us against the predatory capitalistic practices of the hidden oligarchy and the build up of the military industrial complex.

Other Important Thoughts And Actions To Consider

Also see, read or review Napoleon Hill On Effective Leadership Parts 1-3: Click link below to watch part 1. Part 2-3 on youtube.

Is Trump An Effective Leader Part 1

We live in times of struggle as serfs on the hillside outside the castle. The privileged don’t want to share their pie. You witness this fight everyday as they take from the ‘have-nots’ and give more to the ‘haves’. This is the way of the world. The uber rich rob the poor daily.

Those who have, get more. Celebrities, for example, get tons of free stuff . The rich want you to think the poor rob from you and from them. While that does occur the big money grabs are the political ones. Many people are blinded to this by their politics and greed.

Still, the people can prevail but it requires ethical, honest leadership, action, the proper mindset, and a plan to build something better, not just fight the powers attempting to hold people back. Dream and fulfill the dream. Don’t merely react. Gandhi did it peacefully

The Brain Is As Strong As Your Weakest Think – Think Well

It can happen. So attempt to make something better. Make something better for yourself and for your brother and sister citizen. Keep the faith. There is plenty to go around. It is simply being controlled, currently. We don’t divide pies. WE make more pies!

They want you to fear each other and the lack of resources. Stop being afraid. Be peaceful. Be generous. Be kind and be committed. Change happens when you make it happen. Dream big. Stay positive. Don’t drink the kool-aid or fall victim to cultish thinking.

We are one people of all kinds on one big rock hurtling through space. We ought to figure out how to all live together well. Study leadership. Watch the videos. Lead yourself and others to abundance and well-being. Create the best life ever. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

One thought on “Obama on Trump: Trump Is A Symptom Of The Oligarchy The Founding Fathers Warned Us About”

  1. We need to follow the US Constitution, not the progressive “living constitution”! We also need to educate about the science of rights


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