You Are The Power Plant So Act Like It!

“You have a ‘big dream’ you intend to make happen. You desire it in a big way. This makes you take action to get it. This action creates more desire, which in turn creates more belief, faith or certainty you will do it. YOU create the steam you need. You create momentum!

A power plant doesn’t have energy. A power plant creates energy. You are the power plant! You create the energy you need to make your dreams and goals come true. This is why successful people are driven. They are driven to succeed. Get it? They create momentum!

They work hard. They work tirelessly. However, they don’t consider it work because they are pursuing something they love. They are passionate about it. They are so obsessed they do more than the average person would, while the average person remains average.

The More You Do The More You Are Capable Of Doing

If you want to succeed you must learn how to create that passion and drive! You must create the love for what you do and the faith you will continue on until it is yours. Then you won’t be upset or stopped by circumstances and challenges. Nothing gets you down.

Instead, you’re motivated to go beyond obstacles and make your dreams come true! THIS is HOW YOU make things happen. You create the energy! It doesn’t come to you. You create it! You stoke it! You keep it alive, burning bright, until you succeed. You are the power plant! It is up to you. Create it!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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