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Expressing Gratitude Transforms Everything! Don’t Wait Do It Now!

“Are you keeping a gratitude journal? Are you writing in it daily? If you answered yes to both, congratulate yourself. You have another reason to be grateful. If you said no, then NOW is the time to begin. I won’t ask why.  Reasons and excuses don’t matter. Just do it.

Gratitude expands your ability to see opportunity. It helps you create and attract good things into your life. When you appreciate what IS and what you already have, you make room for more good to come. You transform yourself through the practice of gratitude.

To see everything as a blessing comes with practice. Tough times, pain, sadness, loss are blessings too. Most of us never view them this way, but they are. Instead, we are conditioned to see problems and difficulty. When you can see these as blessings, all is transformed.

Life Is A Priceless Gift – Appreciate Very Minute Of It 

You are free! You are open and available. You no longer resist. You aren’t married to having the outcome according to your dictate. You allow. You accept. You can receive all the magic and miracles because you aren’t trying to manage the flow. You are going with it.

When you go with the flow, expressing gratitude for everything all along the way, you ARE enjoying the journey. That’s what life is all about! Living fully, enjoying now. Delight in the journey! NOW is the only time we actually have. Become present! Live in gratitude.

Transform yourself. Keep a journal. Make a list. Write down 5, 10, 25 things you are grateful for each day. Express your thankfulness and you open up to so much more to come your way!Really,  write them down. When you do you’ll discover much more to appreciate. Live in unconditional acceptance and love. Delight in all. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Celebrate no matter what!

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Stop Working For Money!


“Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, ‘If you work only for money you will never be happy. You will never have enough.’ The article was posted on Facebook and many people responded complaining that he didn’t know what they were going through. The were mad at him.

It’s easy for people to miss the point when one is caught up in hardship. If all one is focused on is making ends meet, getting out of debt, and paying off bills one may have a skewed version of reality. That reality is hard. Lack fills the mind. Struggle is all one knows.

Make family, or love, or freedom or something else more important than money and work for that. Money won’t make you happy. Be happy first. Live for a larger purpose than lots of cash. Make your end result something valuable. Money isn’t really a good motivator.

You Are Already Rich – Notice All You Have That Money Cant’Buy

Wanting money either comes from lack mentality or greed mentality.  If you have a larger more important vision you will do whatever it takes, yes even struggle, to make ends meet and rise above. You will do it for the love of your family or your larger goal.

Money, seems to be a good motivator, for most of us, but it truly isn’t enough. When you seek fulfillment of a larger purpose, and as you improve your situations, you feel better. Feeling good about what you are seeking, feeling it is worthwhile, is a better motivator.

Actually, it works best if you feel better first. Then work at your larger purpose. If you feel good first it means your thoughts and feelings are aligned. It means your head is screwed on correctly so that your feelings and actions flow more easily and readily.

Outstanding People Have In Common – Absolute Sense Of Mission

Cook’s point seems to be if all you want is money there will never be enough. If you think money will save you and make you happy and free then you will always just want more.  Instead, look to something more valuable to fulfill you and pursue that. Greed isn’t great.

Pursue your larger vision first and money may follow. Working for money isn’t enough of a big reason but your children or your parents may be. It is difficult to listen to people who have a lot of money because we fall into the ‘that is easy for you to say’ syndrome.

‘You don’t know how we struggle’. My guess is (and I don’t know his history he could have been born to wealth, but if not) he worked hard to get where he is. Most successful business owners worked and struggled fiercely. Most don’t get a free ride to the top.

Some People Are So Poor – All They Have Is Money

Bottom line if you want to end money woes develop yourself. Educate yourself on how to make and handle money. That is good. Instead of seeking money seek to make yourself happy first. Get your head and heart in order. Pursue higher values than piles of cash.

Live your passion. Pursue your passions. That will keep you interested and dedicated. Your focus will be on what you love and enjoy instead of what you don’t have. We get what we focus on. Stay focused on good things. Be grateful for what you already have. Enjoy life to the fullest now. Don’t miss out on it. Live! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day. How are you going to live it?

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Be Nice For No Reason And Discover What Happens

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“Today, for no reason at all. Go out and do something good. Go bless someone with a random or deliberate act of kindness. Say a kind word, put a smile on the face of someone else. Friend or stranger. Give money to someone.

Give money to someone you don’t think deserves it. Stop micromanaging your goodness and just be good to others. Treat your family, friends and co-workers, employers, and employees, associates and strangers better than ever today.

Practice being nice and happy and supportive. Be first. Go the extra mile. Why? No reason. Just do it. Use today to gift someone in a special way. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Waiting! Create Your Own Luck!

horizons some-days-the-way-i

“Do you believe in luck? Some do. Some wait for luck to reach them. I am afraid you could wait a very long time that way. There is a saying, ‘he who waits, waits.’ Waiting on ‘whatever’ to come along and bless you, while it may occur, isn’t a very good use of one’s time

There is another saying.’Luck is the crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet’. Preparation and opportunity! I am a firm believer in creating one’s own luck. You maintain the mindset, take the appropriate actions and look for opportunity to apply.

The easiest way I know to create your own luck is to do something extra special for those in need or those you work for. Going that extra mile, providing value first, helps you stand out in the world of those in it only for themselves.

Live Love Laugh Celebrate

Others will recognize your efforts and sincerity. If you are truly sincere and helpful your positive reputation will precede you.  You get known by your actions. Maintain a positive attitude, help and inspire others and good will come your way.

By positive attitude I don’t mean a greeting card, syrup-dripping cheeriness, but a ‘can do’ positive mindset. No one wants ill-timed overly cheery remarks when they are down. Those in need usually want understanding and a little space to resolve things.

They don’t want you to tell them ‘cheer up’. They want you to understand them. Most of us do want to be understood and appreciated for who we are. So be sure to create rapport first before you lavish any advice. If you cannot advise even better.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Be optimistic, yes, but with confident restraint. People will want to be around you, and help you, because you radiate solutions. You help without always telling others what to do. Without having to speak your mind. You assist by helping them find their own way.

People want someone who can laugh and enjoy! Someone, fun to be around who is not a downer. Someone secure and confident. They want to be uplifted but not dragged or pushed up. Imagine walking down a path together. Walk at their rate don’t expect them to walk at yours. Travel together.

You can make a real difference for yourself and for others. You can find more opportunity because you prepared and you look for it. Your Reticular Activating System will seek good things because that  is what you are focused on. Look for opportunities to go the extra mile. You can be, do and have anything when you Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Magic IS just for you!

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Apply This Lesson From The World’s Happiest Man: Matthieu Ricard

HORIZONS frost-bitten-phil-koch

“For decades now I have been emphasizing happiness is a left brain function. There has been a push to get people to use more of their right hemisphere for creativity.

We all know the stereotype of suffering, tormented creatives. Well, perhaps there is a reason for the stereotype.

Personally, I am an advocate for whole brain learning and development. We use our whole brain and balance is important. As is lateral cross-hemispheric communication.

The Brain Grows As Any Muscle Does The More You Use It

Not only left-right, but up down, in and out. From our prehistoric brain to our thinking cap, the neo cortex.

There is discussion that we have many brains. A gut brain, heart coherence, that our cells, while specialized, all communicate. Unified Field Theory.

It is now currently understood  that our seat of emotions, heart and gut, may actually run more of the show than we have thought previously.

All very interesting and fascinating thinking Science catching up and confirming that which has been known for many, many years. I think it is exciting.

What You See Is What You Get

I have firmly maintained that how we direct our brains and what we focus on matters. Researcher have concluded that most people are visual. I believe that to be accurate. We all imagine and make images.

We may not be aware or conscious of these unless we are directed to pay attention. When tasked to make a mental image deliberately some complain they aren’t good at it.

I think they are they just aren’t that good at it deliberately. They haven’t used or conditioned their visualizing muscles, yet, to work for them when they want it to. It just does what it does.

We all talk to ourselves or listen to past prior conversations and voices in our head without being schizophrenic. This is a normal part of daily living. We talk to ourselves, inside and out loud.

What You Say Is What You Get

Here too we may or may not be that aware of how we speak to ourselves. We also let it run on and on without exercising the control over it we could. Mostly, because we don’t know we could.

95% of what we do is habitual, unconscious habits, patterns or repetitive behavior, We think the same thoughts, or most of them day in and day out.

We are routine and predictable in so many ways. We run on automatic and it is reliable. It does the same thing over and over. We don’t change it because it seems hard. It isn’t, it just seems that way.

What we say and how we say it to ourselves is governed mostly by the left front temporal lobe. We ought to pay attention to those who have said positive thinking is an important ingredient to feeling happy. We think and then we feel. We feel and we think.

Everything Originates In Thought

It is cyclical. If we begin to monitor our thoughts and feelings, what we imagine, what we say and speak to ourselves we can begin to alter how we feel and increase our ability to be happy and to be successful.

We CAN exercise deliberate control of our thought processes.

If you want to be successful you think, feel and act successful. THEN success will follow. If you want happiness you think, feel and act happy. THEN happiness will follow.

Sadly, most people think happiness follows money, things, specific people, events or circumstances.  It doesn’t. You be happy, you be successful, you be rich, you be healthy in mind first and then those things follow.

You Steer Your Mind As You Steer A Vehicle – You Are In Control

You get what you think about. What you see and say IS what you get. You act first THEN you get what you want. Go First! Everything first originates as a thought and then it becomes reality.

So I am going to add some information and quotes from an copyrighted ©Business Insider article on ‘the happiest man in the world’.  His name “Matthieu Ricard”.

Ricard is 69, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, born in France who has been called “the world’s happiest man,” because he participated in a 12-year brain study on meditation and compassion led by a Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin.

This researcher hooked up 256 sensors to Ricard’s head. These research scans found that when Ricard was meditating on compassion his mind was unusually light.

You Can Choose What To Focus Your Attention On

His brain produced a level of gamma waves,  linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory, Davidson says has never before been reported in the neuroscience literature.

‘The scans also showed excessive activity in his brain’s left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, allowing him an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity.’

This aspect is not new. Brain scans have revealed this previously. Happy people have more activity going on in this left region of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible most of our speaking and understanding language abilities.

This area ‘lights up’ when we talk to ourselves.

According to the article Ricard says he sometimes meditates for entire days without getting bored. He admits he’s a generally happy person but he feels the title “happiest man” is a media-driven overstatement.

What You Feel Is What You Get

He spoke with Business Insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His advice for how to be happy follows:

The answer is altruism. Thinking about yourself all the time is stressful, exhausting and leads to feeling unhappy. It is not about the moral high ground  but if you want to be happy, strive to be benevolent. That makes you and others feel better. Be kind.

Ricard says when your mind is filled with benevolence, it is healthy and can flourish. That means a better mental state which also means a healthier body. Plus, he said others perceive you as nice. He believes anyone can do this.

He encourages mental training, as I do. He compares it to training for a marathon. While one may not become an olympic champion there is a vast difference between one who trains and one who does not.

Healthy Mind Healthy  Body Comes From Conditioning

This is so very true of mental training our abilities. He maintains many things, benevolence, attention, memory, emotional balance, can be trained including happiness. So how does Ricard recommend you train your mind to be happy.

Start by thinking happy thoughts for 10 to 15 minutes each day. Instead of having fleeting happy thoughts, hold onto them. Concentrate and stay focused on the positive emotions.

Don’t let your mind wander. Keep it on happy positive thoughts and feelings. Just 15 minutes a day can be enough. Condition you mind by daily focused concentration on happy thoughts and feelings.

He says, if you do the training every day, even in as short of time as two weeks you can feel the positive results. If you practiced for 50 years, as he has, you can become a happiness pro.


The article concludes with UW researcher, Richard Davidson, stating that even 20 minutes of daily meditation can overall make people much happier.

*If you’d like to read the ©Business Insider copyrighted article, click the title link below to go to their website.

Use the link within the article to see the brain scans and get more tips from Ricard. I encourage you to visit and read this article:

A 69-year-old monk who scientists call the ‘world’s happiest man’ says the secret to being happy takes just 15 minutes a day

I thought you might like this. Benevolence, compassion, kindness, understanding. Much needed in this current day. From ancient to modern times the call to be loving, kind, to go the extra mile, help others in need and to be charitable has been emphasized.

Imagine We Followed The Golden Rule And Went The Extra Mile

It is good for the your soul of and the recipient. Help yourself by helping others. We can all be happier by what we do first. First, we think happy thoughts and we feel happy. First, we help others without expecting return.

What you want wants you! It can find you when YOU go first. Celebrate everything without reason. That is going first. Be grateful! That is going first. Do it and the rest follows. It doesn’t come if you wait for it. Act first, GO FIRST, and it comes to you.” Rex Sikes

Be thankful you have today to be thankful!

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Attitude Determines Your Altitude! The Importance Of Mindset.

horizons a-blustery-blue-phil-koch

“What is your mindset? How is your attitude? Are you a victim or a victor? The difference is in how and what you think. What are your predominant thoughts? Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.’ Someone else said, ‘your attitude determines your altitude’. So, do you have a champion’s attitude or not?

Here are some thoughts you may wish to incorporate to develop and maintain that winning mindset. These are just samples. Tailor them or create one’s that work for you. The key to making affirmations work is to state them emphatically with loads of positive emotion. Have fun, be enthusiastic and fill your mind and being with positive powerful thoughts. Repeat these frequently throughout each day.

What You Say Is What You Get

I always move forward to success. I burn my ship. I leave no way out. I remain dedicated. I am passionate. I am faithful. I am always convinced, faithful and expectant even when there is no evidence of progress. Even when it seems the tides are against me and nothing is working, I remain true.

I intensify my desire for making my dreams come true. While waiting I make progress every day. I take action.  I am steadfast. I know I will prevail. I make progress during the journey. I enjoy and celebrate every moment. My thoughts and my feelings are aligned. I am congruent in my desires.

My concentration, my focus, my energy, is singular and on my purpose. I want being and doing and having what I want to be dominant in my conscious and unconscious mind. I want to learn each second how to be more positive, powerful, and purposeful. I am accepting, allowing and receptive. I am magnificent!

What You Say Is What You Get

I go after what I want fully. No way out. No excuses. No doubts or fears, but positive in every atom, ever cell, every fiber of my being. I want to believe in myself and discover that I am truly an emperor inside and out. I am a winner and a champion. I am a victor. I will never allow myself to be a victim of others, circumstances, events, or my own thinking.

I will be triumphant. I will win, conquer and evolve. I will succeed in ways currently beyond the limits of my imagination and discover myself delighted along the way.  I will celebrate and be grateful for everything always. Whatever IS is! I will look at the good within, and find it. I will celebrate because that IS what is in the moment.

What I cannot yet see is all the unexpected good coming my way. Goodness comes to me. I always land on my feet. I always win even in ways I don’t completely understand. Adversity has always been my friend even when I didn’t embrace it. There is always something marvelous to find. Seek and I will find it. Knock and it will be opened. I do and it is! I will keep an open mind and an open heart.

 Affirm Yourself – Declare What Is – Make It Happen – And So It Is

Remember to  ask.  Seek and continue to knock until you have the response from the universe you seek. Put your order in. Claim it. Wait for it as you do a meal in a cafe. Behind the scenes everything is being prepared. They are making a dish from your orders. They will deliver it. You only need to enjoy the time waiting. It is coming! It is yours!” Rex Sikes

Today is my day!

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Do This And Your World Can Immediately Become Better!

horizons years-gone-by-phil-koch

“It always fascinates me how things work out together. Some call it synchronicity. The topic I chose to write about today came home to me in a delightful way. I had planned to write on kindness and committing those random acts when one happened to me.

Prior to writing this I am at home. I had dozed off. I was awakened gently by my daughter who said, ‘I brought you soup’. Wonderful, I thought. Plus, she brought home something for me to drink. I am delighted. It was welcomed and it was tasty.

I felt well taken care of and loved. As we talked and I ate soup, it comes out that out she has been delivering soup to a friend’s grandmother for a number of weeks. She had visited once and realized the woman’s refrigerator was bare.

If You Want To Lift Yourself Up Lift Up Someone Else

She had a couple eggs, cheese, and nothing in the freezer. My daughter brought some soup over the next evening and the woman enjoyed it. So my daughter made it more of a regular thing. She’d take her a quart or two of soup.

Nightly, after work, she’d tell me she was going to this woman’s house. Even in very bad weather she made the delivery. I had been concerned at times when weather was rough. I wanted her to come home safe,  but she would say she was going to her friend’s grandma’s house first.

I never knew why until tonight.  It simply came up as we chatted and I ate the soup she brought me. After some more conversation she stated she was excited about our plans for the evening tomorrow. Off to her room she went. I am blessed with two wonderful children. I was well taken care of this late night.

You Don’t Need A Reason To Help People

I am very proud. My daughter simply wanted to do something nice for this woman because she cared. She said, though the woman has a job and works hard she has a difficult time making ends meet. She can’t make enough money to buy much food.

My daughter cared! She acted! When people care for other people we lift each other up. We ought to  assist people without criticizing them for their lot in life. We help them because of what is in our heart not because of what they can do in return.

I think this is what life is really all about. Simple kindness. Simple goodness to each other. We are all on this cloud encased globe together. We ought to be able to get along, help and enjoy each other. I will close this out soon, but first a quote I would have used tonight, anyway. Joseph Murphy wrote the following:

My Religion Is Kindness – Dali Lama

‘There is no one to change but yourself. You have to be nice to yourself; the real self of you is God. Exalt, honor, revere and respect this Divine Presence within yourself; then you are loving and honoring your neighbor.Your neighbor is the closest thing to you; God is your neighbor; and if you love God you will have goodwill toward all men.’

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way toward helping us help people feel exalted, honored, revered and respected. We should strive to lift each other up together instead of tearing each other apart or down. More kindness is needed, less greed and intolerance.

Be kind. Do something nice for yourself by doing something nice for someone else. Let your actions be your reward not the praise from others. It feels good to do something nice. It is increase for all! A rising tide floats the boat and everyone in it.

Right Now How You Feel Is Creating The Future

It is good to uplift others. When you put it out there you get it back in countless untold ways. Simply make it a point to be more gentle, accepting, kind, peaceful and loving. The more love and goodness we spread around the more we get back to enjoy and spread again.

Create that ambience around you. And know this: People are mostly good! We hear about the bad ones all the time in media, but mostly, people are wonderful! We all should keep that in mind. What we focus on we get back. Let’s focus on the goodness. Let’s build what we want to have more of. Let’s celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day to be thrilled!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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