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Why We Should Love The Karate Kid

“Isn’t it amazing. All that wax on wax off. Paint the fence. Everything the Karate Kid was taught and practiced, seemed pointless. He got so frustrated doing these things day in and day out. He got so frustrated he challenged his own Sensei’s wisdom in tasking him.

He burned while doing chores. It made him angry. Everyday the same old thing. He thought, ‘I have made a mistake. This old guy is no Sensei he is just getting free, cheap, labor.’ He called him out on it. To the kid’s surprise he was able to use his practice to defend himself.

All the while he was muttering and complaining, convinced he was learning nothing, he was learning important foundational, basic skills, he needed to master to be able to fight and defend himself. During the process he was developing body memory habits.

First Learn Stand  Then Learn Fly  – Wax On Wax Off

He didn’t realize this until he exploded at the Sensei. Then, to his surprise, he utilized these silly, useless, work tasks, to great satisfaction. He was developing mastery and habits. Once he challenged the Sensei he began to understand and learn more.

He began to learn the mental and spiritual habits that accompanied his martial art form. Get it? We spend time practicing, affirming, visualizing. We seem to have little success and lots of failure. We are talking our way through it and trying to apply it. We get frustrated.

We haven’t yet mastered it, nor made it a habit, an automatic, reliable skill. We are doing the wax on wax off work and we are burning, yet all the while, we are in training. So keep the faith. Know that one day you will master the skills of manifesting. Get it?

When Life Knock You Down The Option In You Get Up Or Give Up

As you stick with it. You will improve. Keep at it. You will get better. You will surprise yourself soon. Mindset is everything. If you believe all of life is a training, instead of thinking you are born into the world, and somehow it is all supposed to work out, then you will benefit.

You will benefit and make things happen sooner when you maintain the right mindset and practices. Everything is a lesson. We can learn from anything and should learn from everything.  So stop burning and start thanking. You are being perfected. You are learning.

Challenges are helping you to master your skills. The same lessons repeat again and again as an opportunity to evolve. You get the chance to correct. Keep the faith. Have fun and enjoy. Be delighted  and consider it all a blessing. Be grateful! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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