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Do This! It’s One Of The Best Things You Can Do For You

“Times can be easy or difficult. Easy or difficult can be compounded by how we think, talk, and label the circumstances. Depending on our view, our perception, our mental filters, labels and judgement, easy can be really easy and difficult can be tremendously difficult.

It isn’t just what it is. IT IS what we THINK it is. Our filters and conditioned thoughts and beliefs weigh heavily on our experiences of people and events. We determine what the reality will be by how we think about it, perceive about it, and what we expect it to be.

We make our own versions of events. Most probably, much of the time, our versions are worse than the actual reality. Our mental worries, fears, doubts, anxieties, sadness and anger paint the experiences. They color and cloud reality big time.

Life Is All About Perceptions And They Affect Your Outcomes

So what can we do to make it different for ourselves? How do we get out of our own way and begin to see more clearly? How can we create better moments and have fewer of the difficult ones? The way out is simple. Not always easy, but it is simple to do.

It requires that you become aware, that you wake up to your habitual conditioning, whenever you do, and make a new decision about how you will proceed. It is up to you how you will make your future and your present moments better. You DO IT! YOU DO IT!

You drop the old filters and put on a new set of filters. From the new filters you will perceive things differently. The only way to do it, is to decide to do it. Decide not to do the old and decide to begin the new practice. Then keep doing it, until it becomes a new, positive habit.

What’s Behind Your Eyes Holds More Power Than What’s In Front

Here is what you do. You adopt this ‘mental filter’ so that you can view things differently. This is the filter you adopt: EVERYTHING is PERFECT as it is. You come to accept and believe everything is perfect. You are perfect just as you are. Everything IS perfect as IS.

The people around you are perfect, just as each one of them are. All circumstances are perfect, just as they are. Stop judging. Let go. Stop labeling. Drop it. Become aware. Operate from this new filter and embrace acceptance. Allow it. ALLOW yourself to do this.

I know right now many readers, yourself, may be thinking, ‘yes but what about…’ You find objections, counter-examples, areas where you don’t believe that this could be accurate, or valuable or even work at all. You think not everything is perfect. Right? Don’t you?

Positive Or Negative Affects And Reflects Your Results

That is normal when confronted by a new paradigm. You want to cling to the old. Your brain wants you to stay the same ole reliable you. It wants you to remain the old, chronic, habitually negatively programmed you, to stay that way! It doesn’t want you to change.

It will fight to keep you the same by raising all sorts of objections to keep you from implementing anything new and different. It is actually trying to keep you the same. It is your old, reliable friend supporting you in keeping the old behaviors. It doesn’t know better.

It just does what it always has done. Adopting new filters is good for you. Seeing in new ways and expanding your horizons to be able to be, do and have whatever more good you want is good for you. Practicing new thinking, feeling and behaving is good for you.

Your Perception Of The World Isn’t The Same As What’s Occurring

When you let go and accept unconditionally what IS you raise your own vibrational level. The higher we vibrate the more we are able to create and make things happen. The more good we attract to us. Remember, we attract what we are not what we want.

If everything is perfect it opens the door to allow more good things to come in. It is a mindset and a filter you adopt and adapt. What we believe about ourselves and the world, how we view people and circumstances, determines the results we get. We make it happen.

So keep this in mind. Allow and accept. Don’t judge. See others and everything as, just fine the way it is. This is a decision  we make about how we view things. We choose how we will look at ourselves and the world. Become aware that you do have choice. You truly do.

Change Your Perceptions Of Things And You Change Your Reality

Most people live from the conditioned habitual thoughts, beliefs and programming we adopted growing up. When we become aware that we don’t have to continue living from the old habitual conditioning, and that we have choices we can make, we become free. Be free.

Celebrate. Consider everyone and everything a blessing. Be grateful. It is perfect. You can’t see how it all works together presently, so trust it is all good. You don’t know all the unexpected good that is coming your way. So stop preventing it and start allowing it.

Be grateful. Be glad. Be optimistic. Be delighted. Be fun. Enjoy all of it. The tough times are perfect. The tough times are there just for you to learn from. Feel blessed. Feel gratitude. The more you do the freer you become and the more blessed you become. You vibrate high and you attract more good. So practice this and notice your life transforms. It happens most readily when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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