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You Need Active Faith

“Many people say they believe. They profess. We encounter people like this daily. They say one thing yet do another. We don’t typically like them or trust them. We know the saying, ‘You will know them by their actions’. We understand that words are cheap. Right? Yup.

Anyone can say anything. It is true. Well, what about you? Do you keep your word? Are you honest with yourself as well as others? I have pointed out whenever you make a decision you need to take action quickly. Within 48 hours do something regarding it.

Why is this? We impress our unconscious mind by what we think and say and feel and do. If you say one thing but do another you are not reliable. Even your know that inside! You need to feel what you say IS what you WILL DO and what you will get. You need to act!

The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge Is Action – Prove Your Faith

Do you want to manifest a new car or home? Once you decide this is what you want DO something. Clean the garage. Make way for the new car. Put your old one up for sale. Take action. If you can’t afford something yet, then window shop. Do small positive  things!

You get what you expect. If you really expect something you would do something about it. Prepare the way for it. It is coming. Take action. Demonstrate you know it is yours. Faith is active and it is more than simply saying you believe it. PROVE IT! Do something.

Why do I often show the photo of hay bales? Because the bales do not get baled by magic, wishing or wanting. Someone takes action and actually does it. It is the same with manifesting what you want. You develop your positive mindset AND take action! Get it?

Stop Lying To Yourself –  Keep Your Word – Act Now 

When you are convinced it is yours you wont let things stand in your way. You will take the positive, legal, powerful steps to make it yours. After all, you know it is already yours. You expect it. Make room for it. Be thankful. You will get it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Why Some People Win: The Smart Ones Do This!

Today’s post is a tale of two men. Similar in almost every way. The two men take their axes and go into the woods to engage in a wood chopping contest. From sunrise to sunset, they were to chop down as many forest trees as possible. The prize, fortune and fame.

Both men chopped and chopped steadily from sunrise until noon.  At noon they were neck and neck. Then one man stopped chopping. He took a break. The other man saw this and thought to himself:  ‘Certainly I will win. His lunch break gives me the advantage!’

A little while later the man resumed chopping. As the day progressed this man chopped more trees than his hungry, hard-working competitor. By mid-day he had taken a clear lead. By sunset, he had chopped twice as many trees as the man without the break.

To Become Successful – Learn How To Do More With Less

‘How on earth did you beat me?’ asked the hard working, exhausted, sweaty, chopper. ‘You took a lunch break. I chopped straight through. I never stopped chopping, yet, you beat me! How?’

The winning chopper replied, ‘Yes, I did take a break for lunch. During that time I sharpened my axe.’

That’s our tale for today. The question is, have you sharpened YOUR axe? The goal is not to work harder and exhaust yourself but to work smarter. Are you tools sharp? Have you invested in yourself? Can you produce 80% more with 20% less effort? Smart ones do, do you?

Maximize Your Efforts With Inspired Right Action –  Mindset First

Be sure to take time to prepare yourself. That is what the winning wood chopper did. He made sure his tools worked properly. You have to invest in yourself and prepare your mind, your feelings and actions for forward progress. Use visualization and affirmations.

Put your mind to work. Spend time reading, studying, positive, productive, inspiring material that can help move you closer to accomplishing your goals and purpose. YOU are worth the investment of your money, time and energy! Love yourself.

Love yourself enough to give yourself the best. ‘Act As If’ you already have accomplished the good you desire to bring to pass. Sharpen you mental skills, your attitude, your mindset to work for you and with you. Develop success habits you can rely on!

From Within To Without – As Above  So Below – Plant Right Seeds

Dedicate yourself to making your goals come true. Be thankful for the road you have been on. It has led you to this moment. It leads to where you want to end up. Have fun, travel well, delight in the journey. Be grateful for each step along the way. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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