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How To Stop Robbing Yourself Of Your Time And Energy!

“Are you ever tired and exhausted? Do you ever get fed up? Are there times when you just can’t stand things as they are? Do you wish things were different? Have you ever lost it? There is one habit that contributes to all this. Stopping it will help you out immensely.

If you regularly read my blog, you know that I am a huge proponent of those things that amplify and focus your positive energy. Energy flows where your attention goes. What you focus on is what you get. We can always use more wonderful, positive feelings. Am I right?

There are things that deplete our energy and hasten the spiral down into negativity. Some of it you know, from reading here, that how you spend your time on social media is important. It can be a waste. It can be detrimental to you. Frequently, it is less than glorious.

Awareness Is The Key To Change – Become Aware And Change

Some people post, and get caught up in, fighting over topics. They block friends, and would be friends, for having different points of views. It can get quite nasty. They waste time reading and viewing all manner of bad news. There are far better ways to use your time.

Instead of positivity, they fill their mind with negativity. If you get what you focus on, spend time on, expose yourself repeatedly to, then what on earth would you expect the return to be, Bliss? Yes, I know some people thrive on BS and creating problems for others.

Some like to instigate because it makes them feel important. It is at a cost to them and others. You can’t get your time back. If you aren’t creating what you want, right now, and for the future, you are losing that opportunity. You might want to re-consider what’s important.

If You Want Things To Change – You Must Change Some Things

Edward Everette Hale said, ‘Make it your habit not to be critical about small things.’ Lot’s of times it is those tiny, petty, incidents and things that happen throughout the day that rob us of our energy. Placing time on these, instead of letting them go, costs us.

Notice and let go, rather than notice and engage. Let less than glorious happenings of all sizes flow away like water off a duck’s back. Stop! Let go. If you entertain them you will get hooked into them. That will further deplete valuable energy and valuable time.

You won’t get your time back! That is for certain. You will have created more negative vibes and feelings. You may have created, or furthered, a negative situation for, or with, someone else. You may have escalated it. Stop the insanity. Learn to get control. Change it!

Doing The Same Thing But Expecting Different Results Is Insanity

Worse, is the event happens only once! How many times you replay it in your head, AND for others, destroys more of your time and energy! Buddha said, anger and negativity toward someone else is like drinking poison but expecting it to harm others. It harms you!

If you don’t stop, or change what you are doing, nothing will change. Where you put your focus, what you attend to daily, routinely, what you get caught up in, is governed by your habits. You have habits of attention and focus. You have preferences in what you attend to.

Instead, let it go. Find and focus on the positive no matter how small. Stay tuned to the good things. Determine to feel good regardless. Do whatever positive things you need to in order to maintain good feelings. Walk it off. Access your resourcefulness. Smile. Laugh!

Develop The Positive Habits That Support You – Let The Old Go

Take a break. Create a break state, a pause. Breathe! Sing, dance, hop or skip. Go jump up and down. Shout your affirmations. Declare your positive power. Simply, don’t get caught up in a cycle that will spiral you down. Learn to maintain the good; de-escalate the bad.

Little things add up. Negative little things add up. So do positive things? Determine how you want to live and how you want to spend the bulk of your time. Do you want to feel negative most often, or positive? It is completely up to you. Feel good. Make it your mission.

Learn that you CAN change your habits. You won’t eliminate the old ones but you will replace them. Develop new, positive, habits! How? By doing the new behaviors, repeatedly, long enough, consistently that the new behaviors become automatic. That is how.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me – Dedicate Yourself For Your Own Good

You have to dedicate yourself to thinking, feeling and being a new way. You begin small and do it step by step. Whenever you become aware you got caught up in a less than glorious moment, shift to a positive thought, feeling and behavior. You will get the hang of it.

Practice gratitude. Make gratitude, for anything and all things, a habit. Spend time noticing what you appreciate and what you are grateful for. It will absolutely help. Consider all events, people and situations a blessing and you will transform. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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