A Surefire Way To Get What You Want In Your Career & Life

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“When you want to change your career, your life or things about yourself  do you know what to do? Most people start in the wrong place. They try to change a behavior or an element. A small fix like that won’t do it. Even a massive overhaul can be a ‘small fix’ if you don’t get the major part right.

The quickest way to make your dreams come true is to make certain the cart follows the horse. Consider this. You can always walk in alone or ride in on the horse alone but if you spend all your time trying to fix the cart you are wasting so much of your time.

Yes, the cart should work too. There are times when it is appropriate to fix the cart but make sure the horse works well first. Concentrate on the horse. You can’t pull the cart with a wounded or dead horse. You must feed and care for the horse. What is the horse?

Concentrate On What Is Most Important

The horse is the living part. The major part. The energy part. In this analogy the horse is your mind who pulls along everything else. Without the horse the cart won’t go anywhere under it’s own power. The cart is losing weight; quitting smoking; changing hair color; getting out of debt; or getting  a new wardrobe or car. The cart is all the things you want to change that you think will make a difference in your life.

They may! There isn’t anything wrong with these kinds of changes but unless your head is in the right place they are much more difficult to make. They are far harder to maintain and keep when your mindset isn’t correct. Plus, it is harder for this change to make much of a difference at all when the attitude isn’t right first.

One of the quickest ways make your dreams come true is to radiate joy. Feel fantastic! Feel alive! Feel thrilled and vital! Celebrate enthusiastically! It is the fastest way to making your dreams come true because all of your energy is upbeat and you feel great.

Be At The Top Of Your Game – Live With Passion

You are at the top of your game vibrant with life flow. From this place of well-being all else works together. Your attitude, when fabulous, is the most potent force you have! When you know you are on top of the world, vibrant and unstoppable you can do anything!

You are resourceful, confident, kind, loving and generous. You are giving to the universe and to all. You are putting the very best of you out there and you will get back more of the same. You will get back more wonderful feelings and energy. You will have the focus and the confidence and the ability to make your dreams happen.

With this kind of energy you attract positive people who can help you. Your head is clearer and more of your mind power available to plan and work the plan. When you radiate, first, the very best you have you get back the very best! Happiness and joy come back to you because you are out spreading it around. You are creating a rich, wonderful environment surrounding you.

Standing Is Harder Than Moving

Birds of a feather flock together. Is doing this difficult? Some may think it is. Well, what is more difficult? Exerting the energy required to have joy and a marvelous life or living in lack, stuck and missing out on all the good things and feelings? You don’t live a positive life thinking negative thoughts. While it may be tough to manage a smile it is easier than living with the weight of the world. Don’t you think?

If there is something you want to do it is completely up to you. Practice happiness and you will get good at it.  If you are dedicated, and you don’t let anything detour you you can become exceptionally good at it. Make it a habit. Determine to make joy and celebration a deliberate habit! The entire world will open up to you when you do!

When you live joyously what could be better than that? Most of the game is already accomplished. All the rest is additional blessings. Fix your attitude and everything begins to fall right into place. Radiate joy and gratitude! Live fully alive. Commit to feeling fantastic in mind, spirit and body and everything starts coming together for you!” Rex Sikes

Make today count!

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