Do You Keep Doing This Without Taking The Credit?

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“Do you know what most people seem to miss? It is right there, right under their nose and yet they miss this critical piece. Somehow they just don’t realize, or if they do, they don’t own up to it.

Most people seem to miss that they have choice. They miss that they are making countless decisions day in and day out based on choices. The are making some very deliberate conscious choices and many subconscious, unconscious choices.

Meanwhile, they think they are a victim of circumstances. I’ll tell you what you can’t change. The weather. If it is going to rain it is likely it is going to rain. If it is going to snow it most likely will snow.

You can’t change it but you can chose how you will respond to it. You have a choice. You don’t have to like it or dislike it you can chose how to feel about it. It is completely up to you.

What is needed is for each of us to see and to realize that we are the person who is doing the choosing. You are determining what you put in your latte. You pick your route to school or work or how you get there. You choose what you have to eat.

You may say the donut called out to you and you could not resist but no one held your arms down and force fed you the donut. It only seemed that way. Right there is the key. It SEEMS like you don’t have choice but you actually do.

You live as if you don’t choose but you are choosing all along. IT JUST DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT because you have gone about it without awareness.

Take stock of how many decisions you make each day. Write them down keep a tally. How many decisions do you make from hot or cold coffee to the large ones that influence you and others? Become acutely aware of each and every time you decide something.

Be tough on yourself don’t let any sneak by you. DO your best to notice each one. Become accustomed to the many decision you make. Take a few days and track all your decisions. Record all of your choices. Notice all the choice points in each day.

Discover that you are making decisions. You are deciding between alternatives. You are choosing. Recognize this and realize this. Take responsibility for the decisions you made. Claim your power do not give it away.

Do not give it to others, events or circumstances. Take responsibility (another decision). Decide to live as someone who chooses. Live as a victor, a champion. You are at the mercy of no one and no thing. Stop giving away your power.

Some will claim it isn’t them choosing it is their brain choosing for them. That somehow they don’t have control. That is a habit, a choice you made that you keep making over and over until you lost that distinction. Now you make it automatically.

You can learn to make new habits and make new decisions. Might it be tough? Sure it might. It might be easy. You decide. What is it going to be? Stop making excuses or blaming and start living from your power. If you don’t know where that is yet, decide to look for it.

Decide to keep looking until you find it and befriend it again. Decide to keep going no matter what until you get what you want. Decide to stop living in fear and failure and live in confidence and success.

You say you don’t know how. Well, decide to learn how! C’mon stop playing around and take charge of your life. No one and no thing is running your life but you. You may not have been very great at it up until now but you can be. Tomorrow is a new day.

Decide to learn to run your life better. Decide to fill your life with fun, passion, confidence and ecstasy. No one can live your life for you. Don’t you think it is time you start living your life for yourself? It is your decision. Make it today!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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