Want To Make Good Things Happen To You & In Your Life?

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“Who doesn’t want to have more of the good things in life? Don’t you? If there were a way to get it would you take that way? What would you give up to get the life of your dreams? Some people want things without really wanting them very much. They don’t do anything to make their dreams come true other than wish. Sadly, wishing won’t make it so.

If you’d like to make good things happen to you and in your life you need to focus on good things. Your thoughts must remain positive. You must know what you want to create and include in your life and support that with your thoughts and actions.

You need to hold  these good, positive things in your mind because energy flows where your attention goes. You direct the flow of energy by what you pay attention to. That is why your attention must be riveting on the positive and the good things you want.

You can’t be wishy washy and expect stellar results.

Positive or negative? It is always your choice. Focus on the good you get good. Focus on the positive you get positive. YOU make it happen. It is always up to you.

Which side gets most of the energy?  Positive or Negative? The one with the most energy runs the show. The results you have been getting are an indicator. If you aren’t getting what you want you aren’t focused on it in a way that works.

Your feelings are an indicator. If you are feeling less than glorious most of the time you are not focused on being positive most of the time. It is simple. It is straight forward. It is clear!

The more positive you are the more you get back. The more negative you are the more you get back. You become whatever is most predominant in your life. If you are stuck you are waffling, drifting, your are 50/50.

Do you want more love? Focus on and concentrate on being more loving and giving more love. Do you want to be happier? Focus on being happy and making others smile too. Do you want more success? Focus on being successful and confident. Encourage and support others. Do you want to be debt free? Concentrate on abundance, feeling rich and be grateful for what you presently have!

You need to concentrate on what you want more of. You need to focus on what you want to include in your life. You do not get wealthy thinking poor thoughts. You do not get healthy thinking unhealthy thoughts. You need to put your attention on what you want and keep it there no matter what the present circumstances are around you.

To move forward the way you want to you need to be concentrated on the positive most of the time. That is just the way it is. You need to be positive in your thoughts. You need to remain positive in what you imagine in your mind and say to yourself.

You must be feeling good most of the time. Think 80/20. At least 80% of the time you should be thinking and feeling positive. Your attention and energy should be positive. Then you are in that wonderful creation space. You want the good life? You can absolutely create it. Take control of you thoughts!” Rex Sikes

Today is a day you can delight in!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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