Expert Reveals: 2 Wealth Increasing Money Strategies

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“I have received numerous requests to discuss money. It is a worthy topic to explore and we will over a few posts. Today, more than ever people are getting rich and going broke. Disparity between the haves and those who have nothing is great. Let’s examine money.

From my teens on I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time around the finest brains, talent and wealthy in the world. I always found a way to get to the people I wanted to study and learn from. I have learned much from many and I willingly share it.

I am not a financial advisor. I can’t advise you in any manner. I  share with you information but you need to seek wise counsel for anything you might do regarding the information you read here. You should want to do this anyway. I can’t give you monetary or legal advice.

You Must Focus On Abundance To Have More Abundance

From the rich, I will share two principles I have learned, today. We will explore more in posts to come. This wisdom is also available from others in other forms you can search and find. I found it valuable to know and to practice. You decide what you do with it.

The first is Pay Yourself First. With each pay check or any money you receive, take a percentage as payment for yourself. Sock it away. Today, the bank gives you nothing in the way of interest and inflation will consume it before long. Find an investment that earns for you.

This is why you need honest and wise professional consultants in the financial arena to help you put your money where it will grow and work for you. Right now, you may mostly work for your money and what you want to do is have your money work for you.

Always Pay Yourself First – That Is What The Rich Do

This is what the rich know and do. Their money works for them and not the other way around. They don’t trade their time for money as the rest do with hourly pay. Their money works whether they do, or whether they sleep or at the beach. Their money always is working.

If they weren’t born rich they built wealth by saving the money they made. They pay themselves first. Then, take a portion and invest it in vehicles that make them more money over time. They re-invest and grow their money.  They seek wise investments that pay them well.

You have to be smart and prudent. Foolish maneuvers can be costly and devastating. The principle is pay yourself first! Save and build your wealth! Invest in those areas that will bring you a continuous return on your investment! Create streams of passive income.

Money Is A Tool – The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Active income is what we do to make money. Passive income is our money working for us; it can be real estate, stocks and bonds, certain businesses with low overhead and high profit. The point is to get your money working for you. Research and seek consultation.

The second principle I have already mentioned. Save Your Money! Become a wise and prudent money manager. Most of the wealthy people live below their means. Most wannabes imagine buying everything they have always wanted. These people go broke!

I had a very wealthy friend who bought himself a nice yacht, parked it in the marina. He used it for pleasure, to live on. It was a second home. It was great fun to be on his yacht most anytime. One day he sold it. I was shocked and asked why. His answer surprised me then.

Having More Money Means Having More Positive Choices

‘It’s a money drain’ was his reply. I said, ‘but you can afford it’. He looked me in the eye and said again, ‘It is a money drain’. Whether he came to that conclusion by himself or whether one of his advisors told him to lose it, I don’t know. He got rid of it. It cost too much.

He could have afforded ten more then and now but he didn’t keep the one. Rich people understand money and are friendly with it. They understand how to make it work for them and how to keep it. The like it as a tool to do more things with and to have choices.

The smartest ones don’t let it control them, they control and manage their money. They control their spending. They know in business you want to keep your expenses low, and keep your cash flow and profits high. They pay themselves first and they save and manage money.

You Can Reach And Help More People The More Money You Have

Everyone of the rest of us can learn from the very rich. We can benefit from these principles. Seek ways to take a portion of you income, even if it were only a dollar a week, and sock it away somewhere you get some return. Save, grow it and then invest it.

T. Harv Eker and others call it a Financial Freedom Account. Put your money into an account that you want to grow so that some day you will be financially free. It makes sense does it not? Learn to be wise about money. Be thrifty, cut your expenses and maximize your gains.

These Winning Money Mindset and principles and practices I’ll  continue to share in upcoming posts. If you want to be wealthy be wise! Learn about money and befriend it. You can’t get rich if you hate wealth, the wealthy, or if you are stupid about it.

Money Will Not Buy Happiness – Be Happy First And Enjoy Money

Those who increase their wealth do so because they want it, they feel they deserve it and they do the correct things to build it. There are plenty of wonderful, philanthropic rich people out there. There are also plenty of greedy, cutthroat, rich predators out there.

Money amplifies who you already are. If you are nice to begin with you most likely will be nice with lots of money. If you are a bastard to begin with you’ll be a rich bastard with more money. The goal is to be free of debt and have enough money to live the lifestyle you dream.

The more money you have the more choices you have AND the more you can help and benefit others. I believe the more we have of power, money and influence, the more responsibility we have to help, to share and educate others to have the same.

Save Your Money – Invest Wisely – Learn To Manage Your Money

There is more than enough to go around. Yes, some attempt to hoard it and there are some rotten apples that have made it difficult for others. Still, it is possible to be free and enjoy more of the good life however you define that for yourself. Yes, enjoy the good life!

As we explore money and mindset one thing is clear. Money travels and finds those who like and appreciate it. So be a friend. Money is a tool and nothing more. Be grateful for whatever amount of money you presently have. Celebrate it and welcome it. Learn to do this!

You won’t get richer by focusing on debt and on lack. It you complain and worry about bills you perpetuate the cycle of never having enough. You need to understand the laws of money flow just as you learn about anything else in life. There are principles that work.

Curb Spending – Keep Cash Flow And Profits High – Invest In You

Gratitude is the right attitude. Be grateful and thankful for whatever amount you have. Be thankful that money flows. It circulates and you can capture more of it. Befriend it, befriend the concept. Learn to let go of fears and worries. Pay your bills and learn to do it joyfully.

Whenever I pay a bill, today, I think, ‘thank goodness the universe thinks I am rich’. Because it believes I can pay all these bills. I celebrate them for that reason alone! I didn’t always but I learned it’s better to be joyous and optimistic than a negative pessimist.

So take care of your money. Learn to manage and allocate it wisely. Learn to grow it. Most importantly learn to think as a benevolent wealthy person does. Keep expenses low and return high. There is more than enough to go around. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your future can be shiny and bright. Live today knowing this!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. I need to learn more to make money and to be oosiive, I have 3 children to feed I need to save for their future too. Let alone my own needs


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