Expert Reveals: The Way To Wealth – Trim It!

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“You want to be wealthier. Who doesn’t want more money or freedom? You want to be free from debt and able to live the lifestyle of your choosing? You can be but you must change some things you are currently thinking and doing if you aren’t already financially free.

Last post I mentioned two things you could start doing. Over the next posts I will elaborate on each and add more principles and practices. Remember to PAY yourself first AND CUT spending. Trim the fat. Seriously, if you don’t need it now, go without it now.

I hoarded videos and books. I felt compelled to buy. If I wanted it I got it. I had to discipline myself to say, ‘I can afford it but I don’t want it right now. Another time. Maybe later’. My mindset was not one of ‘I can’t afford this’ but that I am able to AND choose not to have now.

Saving Must Become A Priority – Always Pay Yourself First

Whether, in reality, I could or not I adopted this mindset. Mindset is everything! Your mindset, my mindset, our mindset runs the show. Our beliefs and attitudes, our thoughts are the predominant determining factor of whether we are happy, successful or wealthy.

Save and stop spending. Find out what you don’t need and can go without. I cut cable. After decades of high bills and full packages, I said enough. I didn’t like the bills or how they only continued to creep up. I hated having to always call for another promotion.

This was especially difficult for me. I am an actor, director and producer. My life is film, TV and entertainment. It is even a deduction for me. However, when I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I spent on cable, since the advent of it, I cut it loose.

If You Don’t Manage Your Money You’ll Work For Those Who Do

Difficult yes, but I have not regretted it. The mindset is ‘I have plenty. I can afford these things but I choose otherwise’. I’d rather celebrate saving than moan about spending. It is important to focus on what we want and celebrate than to focus on what we don’t want.

I want to be happy with my bills, as I pointed out in my last post. I don’t want my thinking time consumed by lack, worry or fears. I want most of my day spent thinking positive on what I can do. I want to  accomplish those things that move me ahead. Wouldn’t you?

When shopping many people look for bargains and the cheapest. They want the deal, they want to stretch their dollars. Guess what, the rich do too. They look for bargains and cheap deals. Billionaire Mark Cuban said he buys all his toothpaste for a year at a discount.

The First Step To Wealth – Always Spend Less Than You Make

The mindset is different. They aren’t worried about not having enough they are concerned with keeping their money working for them and not wasting it. It isn’t ‘can I afford it?’ Their thoughts are, ‘is it a good bargain or value for my money’?

If they don’t need it they don’t get it. Cut your waste. Trim the fat. Let go of what you do not need. You will be glad you did even if you don’t like it at first. The reason most people are poor is they overspend for what they earn and/or they get into debt.

So curb your spending, manage you money. Most importantly, manage your thoughts and your mindset. Your feelings and actions follow your thoughts. The results you get stem primarily from what you think and believe you can or cannot do. Think the best always!

You Tell Money What To Do Or The Lack Of It Will Manage You

Here is another way to manage your thoughts and think about money. This is an important exercise. Put some money in your wallet. $100.00 dollars or more. Then going on a shopping spree. Don’t actually buy anything. Window shop. Look don’t buy. LOOK only!

Look at items under the price amount in your pocket whether you have 100 or 500. With everything you see that you want, think, ‘I can afford that. I don’t need it right now’. You can! You have the money in your pocket. Choose not to purchase but understand that you could.

If you did that with 10, $100.00 items, you’d have spent $1,000. If you did it with 100 on your shopping spree you’d have spent much more! Understand? Learn to feel wealthy; that you can afford things and you can buy them but YOU CHOOSE not to. Change your habits.

See Yourself Living In Abundance And You’ll Create And Attract It

It is the mindset of the wealthy you want to learn to have. Feel wealthy first and becoming wealthier is much easier. Most people feel lack and live in it. Your thoughts determine where you go and end up. Think and feel wealthy inside and you can create it outside.

Some people look at menus and pick the cheapest fare. They don’t get what they want. They get what they think they should have or can afford. From time to time, as AN exercise, go look at a menu and don’t look at the prices. Don’t look. Get whatever you want.

You don’t have to do this all the time but find out how it feels when you do? Do you end up with sticker shock? What happens? How do you feel? Where you want to get to in your wealth is to be able to afford anything and then choose wisely.

Spend Time Learning To Be A Good Money Manager

Sometimes, it is important to splurge and treat yourself well. After all you deserve it. Don’t break the bank doing it, be smart. Indulge once in a while. Don’t let price be the deciding factor. Don’t make money the issue.

Clear up the money issues. Get what you want. Still, be wise as a wealthy person would be. The point of this exercise is to feel wealthy enough that price is not a consideration. If you do the exercise, be sure to enjoy it. Consider it a treat for yourself. A gift to delight in.

They rich don’t have to get the most expensive item to prove anything either. They don’t have to get the cheapest. They get what they want because that is what they want. They are still are smart about managing their money. This is important to understand!

Spend Time Each Week Managing Your Money – The Wealthy Do It

They save, they manage, they invest, they don’t overspend. They keep costs low and profits high. They allocate. Wise allocation is part of money management we’ll discuss later.  Seek to improve your mindset and relationship with money and you will.

Be smart, be grateful. Be thankful you have any money. Be grateful you are alive and can experience things. Be grateful for family, friends and relationships.  Be grateful for it all. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn from your struggles. Create balance!

Be grateful you can learn, you can develop yourself and your skills and can change you lifestyle. Be grateful for your past mistakes and successes because each step has brought you here. Appreciate today and be grateful you create your future. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

PS Some of you received an email of work product. yesterday. Oh well. Enjoy!

Savor Each Second!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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