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Do You Hate Rich People?

“There is a meme, infographic going around, with a quote attributed to Jodi Foster that reads, ‘Attacking the rich is not envy. It is self defense. The hoarding of wealth is the cause of poverty. The rich are just indifferent to poverty. They create it and maintain it.’

First, let me say I don’t know if Jodi said this or not. I agree that hoarding of wealth does create and helps maintain poverty and I do think there are some with that purpose in their hearts and minds. There are some nefarious people on our planet to be certain.

BUT WHOA! Not all rich. We need to choose our words more carefully than that. There are some extremely fine, philanthropic rich – then there are some filthy predators. Not all rich people are the same. This is disingenuous stereotyping of wealthy people.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

The issue is not riches!  The issue is, IS the rich person an asshole? That is what this is about. It isn’t about all rich people but rich people who hoard and prevent others from attaining wealth. Yes, there are certainly plenty of those types of people. Not all rich are like that!

Rule of thumb; if they are rich and an asshole, they were an asshole before they got rich. Money is an amplifier for the most part. It reflects WHO you are. What you do with it reveals your inner workings. Money is merely a tool. Don’t blame a hammer.

Focus on the person who is corrupted but not the tool. If you think about it accurately, there are far fewer rich people in the world, especially uber rich people, than there are poor people. One could say there are a whole lot more poor assholes than rich ones.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Today Take You

If you just went by the numbers. That would be wrong. It would be misleading. Stop looking at numbers of dollars one has and look at whether the person is good or not. Anyone can be nice or anyone can be an ass. What does the person use their money for?

I wish people would stop making it about the amount and start making it about the type of person who has it.  Anyone can be a good human being or they can be a problem human being, rich or poor. Anyone can be an asshole.

They come in all sizes, genders, colors, religions, backgrounds, political persuasions.  Remember, AND KEEP THIS IN MIND: it is not money that is the root of all evil! IT IS the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. PLEASE note this! Really, note this! Get it?

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

You will never find or make yourself rich if you dislike rich people. Your brain will never let you accomplish that. You will remain poor or stuck, wherever you are at, simply due to cognitive dissonance. To make money, you must want to have money! Therein lies the rub.

You must really want it badly to make it happen. It requires mindset and action. Napoleon Hill pointed out that you must make making money an obsession. You must THINK and grow rich. Then when riches begin to come to you they will come very quickly.

However, as Hill also  pointed out toward the end of his life, if all you want is money you are bound to be screwed up. He said most of the uber wealthy he knew, and their families, were screwed up for this reason.  Money was god. He said this of the 519 people he modeled.

For The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

He studied 520 of the world’s wealthiest men in his day and he said only ONE wasn’t screwed up. Only one had peace of mind because he realized at some point that you need balance. You need peace. There are other things more important than JUST money! Get it?

Many of today’s predatory profiteers haven’t learned this lesson yet. They may never. That is not sufficient reason to dislike all people who have wealth. Nor should you dislike riches. Simply seek balance. Understand people matter more than profits. People come first!

Family, friends, relationships, life, fun, time and other things are more important. At the end of your life, it won’t matter if you get another dollar. What is likely to matter will be how you spent life alone and with the people who matter to you. Keep this in mind!

What You Focus On Expand – You Get What You Think About

Enjoy wealth. Use it to better yourself, others and the planet. Give to others. Act with compassion. Help transform the globe for good through your wealth. You can reach more and do more when rich than when poor. That is just the way it is! So be a good rich person and make a real difference in a positive way. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Can You Create More Abundance Through Questions?

“The power to create the life you want is directly related to the power to control your mind and manage your thoughts and feelings. If you are thinking about your problems more than about what you are creating, that is positive, you are losing a battle. You can win.

You won’t, until you gain control. You need your mind to serve you and you need to stop serving your mind. The same is true of money. The reason the rich are rich is they have learned, money needs to serve and work for you. You do not serve and work for money.

This is what you must learn. Take charge and take control. I share with you how you can do that every day, right here, in these blog pages. I share it in my online, radio and TV discussions. I share it in workshops and seminars worldwide for nearly 40 years. It works!

Wealth And Success Is An Inner Game You Play To Win

It works when you learn to do it, and master it. If you do things in a half assed way you get half assed results. Watch and study what I share with you in this short video. Apply it! Keep applying it until you make it a habit. THEN and only the IT IS AUTOMATIC! Get it?

Struggling stops. Once you develop mastery, you find flow. Things get easier. Winning makes you feel good and makes it easier to win. Perfect practice makes perfect. Learning anything at first is difficult but with practice you improve and can become your best. DO IT!



Life changes when you do. It doesn’t work the other way around. Watch the video. Study and apply what you learn. Change yourself. Do what it says. Stop putting it off. Stop wasting time. Begin today! Time is the one thing you never get back. Start now and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Access code is my name: rexsikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!


‘What’s Stopping You?’ You’ll like my gift to you! ‘What’s Stopping You’ is a life changing 22 minute audio MP3 that helps you go beyond limitations, break through and make positive things happen! Get it! It is Free!

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Rich People Aren’t Always Wealthy But You Can Be

horizons 1-stoic-phil-koch

“Yes, some people with money are not nice people. Money only amplifies who you already are. If you aren’t a good person without money you most likely won’t be a good person with money. Wealth is a mindset.

You can be monetarily rich but true wealth goes beyond money. Real wealth is an attitude. You can be wealthy physically with good health, with friends and loving relationships, emotionally and spiritually. You can be happy and have peace of mind.

Cash may not make you happy. You could have lots of cash and be lonely and miserable. You can have money and not health. Alone and sick what is money good for? You can hoard money and not do any good with it. Then having money may be very sad.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Not A Place But A State Of Mind

If you aren’t going to help people then you have a lot of cash but so what? True wealth is an attitude of abundance. The mindset is that there is plenty. There is plenty and it is good to both receive and to give.  Learn to do both well.

If you aren’t doing both you are out of balance. You may be rich  but you are not truly wealthy. You may not care one way or the other. Then it truly is sad. It seems the more we have the more opportunity there is to enjoy but that isn’t always the case.

Napoleon Hill stated, of the 520 wealthiest people in the world that he modeled, studied and built his philosophy on, only one was balanced. He said all the rest had problems. He said he got to know all of them. He had stayed with many and they all had issues.

The Smallest Deed Is Better Than The Greatest Intention

Their spouses and many of their kids had issues. To be so obsessed with gaining a fortune, and by not focusing on the more important aspects of life, had brought many of the 520 mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Life out of balance is not a good thing.

Hill wrote, ‘I’ve had the privilege of intimately knowing the most outstanding, the most successful, and the richest men that this country has ever produced. I’ve slept in their houses, ate with them, known their families, their wives and their children.’

‘And I have seen what happened to their children after they died and passed on. I know the importance of learning to live a balanced life … The men that collaborated with me in the building of this philosophy represented outstanding success in every field of their era.’

A Man Is Not A Failure Until He Blames Others And Stops Trying

‘Out of all those men, there was only one I could say even vaguely approached having peace of mind along with all his other successes: John Burroughs. Without a doubt, he was the one who came nearest it and the one who came next nearest to it was Mr. Edison.’

The problem many have is they put money above everything else. They are willing to crush or to ruin others in the quest to be top dog. They want more than anyone else and stop at nothing. Ultimately, however they are miserable, unhappy, lonely, sick people.

Much in life is binary with shades between. There is positive or negative. There is increase and decrease. You can be wealthy or not wealthy. When it comes down to it your life is a result of the thoughts you think, how you feel and the choices you make.

You CAN be wealthy with no money. You can be rich with love, family, friends, health, and good times. You can live and leave a legacy of delight without having much money. You can, but many don’t because their focus is on bills, making ends meet, or lack.

The Great Opportunity Is Where You Are At

Some work very hard but hardly move ahead. The key in life is to be grateful for what you have. Enjoy it. You can continue to work for more but be happy where you are at. Then whether you get more or not you are still happy. That is the art most important to learn.

Learn to have a good life. Not only a good one but a grand one. Enjoy and delight in the relationships you have. Savor and nourish and protect them. Do likewise with your health. Take care of you and others. Life becomes more delightful when you can enjoy it.

Money is only a tool. Don’t love the tool. Love people and use the tool. You can learn to make more money. You can learn to be happy with or without money. It has been said one is only happy when learning and growing. Keep growing in awareness and in love.

Never Get So Busy Making A Living You Forget To Make A Life

Grow in understanding and your ability to appreciate life. Evolve into a person who doesn’t let tough times or obstacles defeat or get the better of you. Be bigger than any problem and be filled with joy and wonder and positivity. Make good things happen.

You are a creator. It begins with your thought. From nothing you create your life around you. What are you making for yourself and loved ones? You will always be a work in progress. If it isn’t what you want it to be you can learn to make it that. Keep going.

Focus on what is important. Live a good life. Be positive and be happy. Help others. Simplify everything. Enjoy it all. Only when you are able to enjoy everything are you truly wealthy. Learn to relax, let go and delight. Learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do today to make it even more marvelous?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: How To Be Truly Wealthy And Not Just Rich

Horizons forest-yellow-phil-koch

“There are happy wealthy people and plenty of screwed up rich people. What makes the difference? Why are some wealthy in all areas of their life while others are greedy and miserable to be around. Both exist. How do you avoid being miserable with money?

Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said if you want to make money you must have a white hot burning desire for money. If you must have it the you must really want it  and be certain you will. Want it more than anything and believe you can get it is the formula.

Napoleon Hill was one of the original modelers long before Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) revived the concept of modeling. Napoleon Hill, long before Tony Robbins, many others, including myself, modeled and learned from 520 of the world’s wealthiest.

Health Is The Real Wealth – Not Silver And Gold

He distilled their methods of success into principles and practices which he first wrote about in ‘The Laws Of Success’. That book and ‘Think And Grow Rich’ are responsible for more millionaires perhaps than any other books. Hill knew his subject well.

Toward the end of his life he wrote that of the 520 only one was truly balanced and happy with his wealth. Hill pointed out that many others lost it, went mad or destroyed themselves because they made money their most important value.

You must have balance. You must be happy. You must emphasize other values and characteristics in order to live a good life. Help people, go the extra mile, love and value your family, friends and relationships. Don’t sacrifice wealth in all areas for monetary gain.

Without A Rich Heart Wealth Is An Ugly Beggar

Hill stated that your relationships, yours and others happiness, were far more important than ANY dollar amount. He emphasized balance and wisdom over greed. He said, have enough to live well and enjoy it. Don’t go insane trying to accumulate and keep it.

He knew these rich men. He stayed in their homes. He got to know their wives and their children and so many were severely screwed up. The families suffered. The kids a mess because they greedily sought riches, money, and not balance and wealth in all areas.

Many who used these principles to make money abandon the principles once they got money. Their mindset changed from wealth creation to scarcity. They feared losing what they gained instead of celebrating what they gained. What you focus on you get.

Happiness Does Not Depend On What You Have …

Since they now are scared of losing it they end up making that happen. They attract misfortune. For this reason alone a healthy mindset is important. You become what you think about most often.

If you worry about losing money you will find ways to lose it. You will create or attract or bring about the very thing you are wanting to avoid. Energy flows where you attention goes. This is why it is important to be happy, positive and grateful most of the time.

Hill pointed out that many who make money most important do arrive at the top by stepping on people. They stomp their way up the ladder. In the end these people and their families are not happy, but miserable. Their quest to greedily hoard it all ruins them.

… Happiness Solely Relies On What You Think

Money is tool that allows you to have more choice and do more things. You can benefit yourself and the world greatly when you have more money. If you hoard it you suck everything dry. Greed destroys families, friendships, businesses and individuals.

The mindset of greed is one of lack and competition. It destroys everything. The story of the Midas Touch points this out. Abundance heals and helps all. There is plenty to go around. Spread the good around. This mindset includes everyone and all good things.

Seek balance first. You can be, do and have everything you want. Focus on being a good person first. Focus on being happy, loving, kind and generous. Give and you get back. Take and it gets taken from you. There is great wisdom in being kind and compassionate.

Today Be Thankful How Rich You Are – Your Time Is Gold …

Be wealthy in health, love, and happiness. Enjoy money but  realize it isn’t everything, The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money can help you help others. If you are wealthy and balanced in all aspects you naturally want to do good for all.

Don’t put off well-being and happiness. Don’t sacrifice sanity for shekels. Those who are happiest and most successful  begin by learning to be happy and successful in their minds first. Inner happiness precedes outer happiness. Inner wealth before outer.

To create more abundance think and feel abundant from within. Feel gratitude. Look for examples in nature of abundance. There is plenty of everything in nature. Allow yourself to feel wealthy. Really feel it. Think it and feel it. Thought precedes feelings.

… Your Family Is Priceless And Your Health Is Your Wealth

Pretend, as you did when you were a child. Pretend, be wealthy and regal. Walk around as a happy, healthy, wealthy, confident, loving person. Imagine what a truly wealthy person feels like, and acts like. Live it in your imagination. Live as abundance.

Think ‘I am health, I am wealth, I am love, I am success and prosperity. I am happiness’. Feel it. Think, ‘I love  my life. My Life is wonderful!’ Think it. Keep thinking it and saying it over and over. Imagine it. See it. Pretend it. Make it real.

Say it inside your mind and out loud. Feel wonderful as you do. Fill yourself with joy and enthusiasm. Say it, ‘I am filled with joy and enthusiasm.’ Assert it. Declare it. Command it! Be it. Live it. Enjoy and you will! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: If You Can’t Think As The Wealthy Do – You Will Never Be Wealthy

Horizons field-of-dreams-phil-koch

“Responsible wealth creation and money management starts on the inside. The mindset must be right! You must focus on abundance to create or attract more abundance. It is all mindset. To be wealthy, to get prosperous results you need to think then act as the wealthy do.

You need to think over an over ‘I can learn to be good with money’. If you aren’t, yet. You need to replace ‘I’m no good with money’ with ‘I am great with money. I create wealth. I am an excellent money manager. I increase my net worth. I easily earn more money’.

‘I look for positive, healthy opportunities to create passive streams of income. I study money and wealth. I always seek honest, competent financial advice. I am smart about money. I grow my fortune’. Remember, you become what you think about most.

Champions Don’t Wait For Things To Happen

Repeat affirmations. Use vision boards. Visualize. Condition your mind for creating wealth, or more wealth if you already have some. Learn good thinking habits regarding money. Learn good making money, saving money and spending habits. Apply them!

You can be rich! If you believe it you can live the life of your dreams. Think and feel right. Learn how to handle money well and more of life’s choices become available to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be financially free?  If the answer is yes, make it happen.

Adopting the right mindset and the right habits can help make you financially free. If you don’t believe that, it  is probably why you aren’t already. To move ahead you have to have your head on right! Your beliefs about money and what is possible for you are important.

Champions Make Things Happen

Be grateful for what you have. This is critical. When you truly feel grateful you make room for more.  You don’t attract what you aren’t YOU attract that which you ALREADy are. Be it and you will have more to be grateful for! This is how it works! It is working right now.

What you feel is what you attract. If you feel fear you get more fear. You don’t get wealth. You get back whatever you are feeling and thinking most. You get back who and what you are. If on the inside you are a poor person you will remain a poor person.

A wealthy person feels wealthy on the inside. When you feel the incredible feelings of  happiness, abundance, or confidence you create and attract more of the same. Get it? YOU attract WHAT YOU ARE! To have it on the outside it begins on the inside.

The Single Most Important Asset You Have Is Your Mind

If you want love be loving first. If you want more happiness be happy first. If you want more abundance feel abundant first. Be it, think it, feel it, do it and you make room for much more of it. Start with feeling grateful for everything you have now. Be gratitude!

Enjoy what is already. Really feel good about it. Celebrate all of it. Enjoy everything! Condition yourself to think and feel your best. Control your thoughts and feelings. As you do you will start to discover how magnificent the world is. You will discover new things.

You can’t be wealthy if you aren’t living it on the inside. To enjoy wealth in the real world become wealth in your inner world. Condition yourself for happiness, wealth and success. Feel wonderful first. Become it and you will have more of it.

You Get What We Focus On – You Become What We Think About

Feel it. Believe it is possible. Don’t only believe it is possible, resolve to make it happen. If it is ever going to happen YOU are going to make it happen. Know this with every fiber of your being. Feel that certainty, You are the master of your fate. Be the person who CAN!

Maintain this mindset. FEEL these feeling and you can make what you desire happen. All the power is within you. Yes, most likely you’ll co-operate positively with others on the outside, but it begins first inside you.  It begins with  your thoughts and feelings. SO celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Remember it is YOU who enjoys the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Millionaire Reveals: Do This To Create Greater Wealth!

horizons parkside-phil-koch

“The difference between the wealthy and the not wealthy IS people who are good with money manage it. They take charge of money and make it works for them. They don’t work for their money they manage the money that works for them. Get it? You can too!

If you want to become wealthier you must get your money working for you. You need to learn about money and wise investment choices. You need to stop trading your hours for dollars. There is only so much you can exchange when you trade time for money.

I’ve shared the principles of Pay Yourself First and Save And Invest. If you can only do a dollar a day or a week that is better than nothing. The point is to learn to pay yourself first and ultimately invest it. If you can do more do as much as you can. 10% of your paycheck. 20%.

Money Will Stay Away Unless You Know How To Care For It

Millionaire, Harv Eker introduced us to the notion of keeping separate envelopes, mason jars or bank accounts.  Whether the idea originated with him or elsewhere, I don’t recall. Divide up your paycheck and deposit a portion in each account.  It works like this.

Take 10% put it into your Financial Freedom, envelop, jar or account. You never touch this. You save it until you can invest in a form of passive income generating business or investments. Leave it alone. Be faithful to contribute the % each paycheck. Do not touch it!

Every 30 or 60 days remove the money from the envelops or mason jars and deposit into the highest yielding interest accounts. CDs still are higher than savings accounts in this day and age when banks give you nothing for using your money. Investigate this for yourself.

There Is A Reason The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

Take another 10% put in into A Long Term Account. Use this account to save for something big. A new home, car, television, a vacation, your kids education. Save something from each paycheck.

These two are your two long term accounts. Do not take from them except as specified. Use the following accounts similarly and do not rob from them either. Discipline yourself to pay yourself, manage your money, save it and invest it. The benefits will be great if you do!

Another 10% goes int Education. This is for your personal and professional development. It is so you can do seminars, workshops buy online programs, books, DVDs and audios. It is money you spend on your education and self betterment. Use it on an ongoing basis.

If You Want Something You Never Had …

10% goes into Fun Account. This money you spend at the end of every month. You blow it or treat yourself in a special way. Go out for a dinner, a special spa time, a men or women’s night out. Gift yourself. Have fun. Saving should have rewards. Reward yourself!

5% is a Charity Account. This is for giving back, contributing to others. Tithing. Helping your favorite cause. This is how you can help make a difference in your neighborhood, city, state or the world. It is important to give and to receive so learn to do both better.

That is 45% of your pay check you sock away in special accounts. If you save at home keep it somewhere safe and be sure to put it into actual accounts accounts soon. At least every 30 or 60 days. . Don’t stop pile cash at home where it can be stolen or burned up.

… You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done

Look into getting the highest return accounts or CDs you can and put it there as I previously mentioned. Always seek professional advice when it comes to where to put your money, whether into banks, retirement accounts or investments. Lean on the learned!

The remaining 55% you use to your bills. This is your Necessities account. If you presently can’t do the percentages as suggested above do a variation of them. 5% each and 2.5% in charity. Find a way to save and manage something even if you divide up a dollar.

Whatever you do, the important part is consistency and commitment. Keep doing it. Discipline yourself. Learn to manage your money. That is why it is better to do it with a dollar every paycheck than to not do it. Begin today. Get some envelops.

Your Salary Doesn’t Make You Rich –  Its Your Spending Habits

Develop the habit of managing and growing your money. If you have lot’s of credit card debt seek responsible professional services that can help you get out of debt as fast and easily as you can. This is important. It is difficult to grow if you are paying off.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad author, had a great concept that stuck with me from the moment I heard it. Obviously, there are assets and debits. Assets are whatever has value and debits are whatever you owe. Your home could be an asset but it might not be.

For example, if you have a duplex and one half rented. If the rent covers your mortgage payment and you have a little left over, then your house is making you money not draining your accounts. Some things can be an asset or a debit depending on how it is used.

Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending …

A car could be if an asset if your company is leasing it to you  and makes use of tax advantages or deductions. If you have a monthly payment that is debt. That is money you kiss goodbye every month along with your gas and electric bill. It is money out the door.

Robert’s concept was Feeders and Eaters. Similar to the Law Of Attraction principles of Increase or Decrease. There are either Feeders which increase or Eaters which decrease your money and wealth. A car or house payment is usually an eater. Unless…

Monthly, you pay out money. Remember, if your business leases it and there are some tax advantages it could be a Feeder. The same is true with your home. It could be draining you of money or you could be making money with it. Look into this for yourself.

… Spend What Is Left After Saving

Remember to seek reputable financial advice to understand and utilize these notions and tax strategies. Become aware of your money flow.  Money moves, it does not stay put. If you are spending more than you are saving or earning your money will not last long.

Ask yourself this:  Is  Money Coming In and am I growing my wealth?Am I getting fed by Feeders or am I decreasing my money by spending? Is my wealth being consumed by Eaters? Which is it? It is always one or the other.

This is why many lottery winners, sports figures and celebrities go broke fairly fast. The never learned to manage their money and get it working for them. Instead they buy large. The have the same programs rich as when poor. So most return to being poor.

When You Buy Without A Plan – Emotions Dictate Your Spending

The live from their prior programming. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your overall wealth and long term happiness is an Eater. This concept really helped me curb my spending and begin thinking about where I want to put or invest my money.

It helped me decided whether or not I really needed something or whether I just wanted it because I wanted it.  It has helped me be responsible with my money. I look for Feeder opportunities.  These notions are worth their weight and impact in gold.

Practice Responsible Money Management. Take hold of the money you have and learn to control it. Discipline yourself. If you are like most of us you were not taught much about money. Instead what we learned was what we heard and witnessed.

Start Where You Are –  Use What You Have – Do What You Can

It is time to get free of prior conditioning and learn the mindset of creating and keeping wealth. As you learn be glad you have the opportunity. Study wealth. Learn about money. It is a useful tool to help you live the life of your dreams, help others and the world. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: The Way To Wealth – Trim It!

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“You want to be wealthier. Who doesn’t want more money or freedom? You want to be free from debt and able to live the lifestyle of your choosing? You can be but you must change some things you are currently thinking and doing if you aren’t already financially free.

Last post I mentioned two things you could start doing. Over the next posts I will elaborate on each and add more principles and practices. Remember to PAY yourself first AND CUT spending. Trim the fat. Seriously, if you don’t need it now, go without it now.

I hoarded videos and books. I felt compelled to buy. If I wanted it I got it. I had to discipline myself to say, ‘I can afford it but I don’t want it right now. Another time. Maybe later’. My mindset was not one of ‘I can’t afford this’ but that I am able to AND choose not to have now.

Saving Must Become A Priority – Always Pay Yourself First

Whether, in reality, I could or not I adopted this mindset. Mindset is everything! Your mindset, my mindset, our mindset runs the show. Our beliefs and attitudes, our thoughts are the predominant determining factor of whether we are happy, successful or wealthy.

Save and stop spending. Find out what you don’t need and can go without. I cut cable. After decades of high bills and full packages, I said enough. I didn’t like the bills or how they only continued to creep up. I hated having to always call for another promotion.

This was especially difficult for me. I am an actor, director and producer. My life is film, TV and entertainment. It is even a deduction for me. However, when I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I spent on cable, since the advent of it, I cut it loose.

If You Don’t Manage Your Money You’ll Work For Those Who Do

Difficult yes, but I have not regretted it. The mindset is ‘I have plenty. I can afford these things but I choose otherwise’. I’d rather celebrate saving than moan about spending. It is important to focus on what we want and celebrate than to focus on what we don’t want.

I want to be happy with my bills, as I pointed out in my last post. I don’t want my thinking time consumed by lack, worry or fears. I want most of my day spent thinking positive on what I can do. I want to  accomplish those things that move me ahead. Wouldn’t you?

When shopping many people look for bargains and the cheapest. They want the deal, they want to stretch their dollars. Guess what, the rich do too. They look for bargains and cheap deals. Billionaire Mark Cuban said he buys all his toothpaste for a year at a discount.

The First Step To Wealth – Always Spend Less Than You Make

The mindset is different. They aren’t worried about not having enough they are concerned with keeping their money working for them and not wasting it. It isn’t ‘can I afford it?’ Their thoughts are, ‘is it a good bargain or value for my money’?

If they don’t need it they don’t get it. Cut your waste. Trim the fat. Let go of what you do not need. You will be glad you did even if you don’t like it at first. The reason most people are poor is they overspend for what they earn and/or they get into debt.

So curb your spending, manage you money. Most importantly, manage your thoughts and your mindset. Your feelings and actions follow your thoughts. The results you get stem primarily from what you think and believe you can or cannot do. Think the best always!

You Tell Money What To Do Or The Lack Of It Will Manage You

Here is another way to manage your thoughts and think about money. This is an important exercise. Put some money in your wallet. $100.00 dollars or more. Then going on a shopping spree. Don’t actually buy anything. Window shop. Look don’t buy. LOOK only!

Look at items under the price amount in your pocket whether you have 100 or 500. With everything you see that you want, think, ‘I can afford that. I don’t need it right now’. You can! You have the money in your pocket. Choose not to purchase but understand that you could.

If you did that with 10, $100.00 items, you’d have spent $1,000. If you did it with 100 on your shopping spree you’d have spent much more! Understand? Learn to feel wealthy; that you can afford things and you can buy them but YOU CHOOSE not to. Change your habits.

See Yourself Living In Abundance And You’ll Create And Attract It

It is the mindset of the wealthy you want to learn to have. Feel wealthy first and becoming wealthier is much easier. Most people feel lack and live in it. Your thoughts determine where you go and end up. Think and feel wealthy inside and you can create it outside.

Some people look at menus and pick the cheapest fare. They don’t get what they want. They get what they think they should have or can afford. From time to time, as AN exercise, go look at a menu and don’t look at the prices. Don’t look. Get whatever you want.

You don’t have to do this all the time but find out how it feels when you do? Do you end up with sticker shock? What happens? How do you feel? Where you want to get to in your wealth is to be able to afford anything and then choose wisely.

Spend Time Learning To Be A Good Money Manager

Sometimes, it is important to splurge and treat yourself well. After all you deserve it. Don’t break the bank doing it, be smart. Indulge once in a while. Don’t let price be the deciding factor. Don’t make money the issue.

Clear up the money issues. Get what you want. Still, be wise as a wealthy person would be. The point of this exercise is to feel wealthy enough that price is not a consideration. If you do the exercise, be sure to enjoy it. Consider it a treat for yourself. A gift to delight in.

They rich don’t have to get the most expensive item to prove anything either. They don’t have to get the cheapest. They get what they want because that is what they want. They are still are smart about managing their money. This is important to understand!

Spend Time Each Week Managing Your Money – The Wealthy Do It

They save, they manage, they invest, they don’t overspend. They keep costs low and profits high. They allocate. Wise allocation is part of money management we’ll discuss later.  Seek to improve your mindset and relationship with money and you will.

Be smart, be grateful. Be thankful you have any money. Be grateful you are alive and can experience things. Be grateful for family, friends and relationships.  Be grateful for it all. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn from your struggles. Create balance!

Be grateful you can learn, you can develop yourself and your skills and can change you lifestyle. Be grateful for your past mistakes and successes because each step has brought you here. Appreciate today and be grateful you create your future. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Savor Each Second!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: 2 Wealth Increasing Money Strategies

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“I have received numerous requests to discuss money. It is a worthy topic to explore and we will over a few posts. Today, more than ever people are getting rich and going broke. Disparity between the haves and those who have nothing is great. Let’s examine money.

From my teens on I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time around the finest brains, talent and wealthy in the world. I always found a way to get to the people I wanted to study and learn from. I have learned much from many and I willingly share it.

I am not a financial advisor. I can’t advise you in any manner. I  share with you information but you need to seek wise counsel for anything you might do regarding the information you read here. You should want to do this anyway. I can’t give you monetary or legal advice.

You Must Focus On Abundance To Have More Abundance

From the rich, I will share two principles I have learned, today. We will explore more in posts to come. This wisdom is also available from others in other forms you can search and find. I found it valuable to know and to practice. You decide what you do with it.

The first is Pay Yourself First. With each pay check or any money you receive, take a percentage as payment for yourself. Sock it away. Today, the bank gives you nothing in the way of interest and inflation will consume it before long. Find an investment that earns for you.

This is why you need honest and wise professional consultants in the financial arena to help you put your money where it will grow and work for you. Right now, you may mostly work for your money and what you want to do is have your money work for you.

Always Pay Yourself First – That Is What The Rich Do

This is what the rich know and do. Their money works for them and not the other way around. They don’t trade their time for money as the rest do with hourly pay. Their money works whether they do, or whether they sleep or at the beach. Their money always is working.

If they weren’t born rich they built wealth by saving the money they made. They pay themselves first. Then, take a portion and invest it in vehicles that make them more money over time. They re-invest and grow their money.  They seek wise investments that pay them well.

You have to be smart and prudent. Foolish maneuvers can be costly and devastating. The principle is pay yourself first! Save and build your wealth! Invest in those areas that will bring you a continuous return on your investment! Create streams of passive income.

Money Is A Tool – The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Active income is what we do to make money. Passive income is our money working for us; it can be real estate, stocks and bonds, certain businesses with low overhead and high profit. The point is to get your money working for you. Research and seek consultation.

The second principle I have already mentioned. Save Your Money! Become a wise and prudent money manager. Most of the wealthy people live below their means. Most wannabes imagine buying everything they have always wanted. These people go broke!

I had a very wealthy friend who bought himself a nice yacht, parked it in the marina. He used it for pleasure, to live on. It was a second home. It was great fun to be on his yacht most anytime. One day he sold it. I was shocked and asked why. His answer surprised me then.

Having More Money Means Having More Positive Choices

‘It’s a money drain’ was his reply. I said, ‘but you can afford it’. He looked me in the eye and said again, ‘It is a money drain’. Whether he came to that conclusion by himself or whether one of his advisors told him to lose it, I don’t know. He got rid of it. It cost too much.

He could have afforded ten more then and now but he didn’t keep the one. Rich people understand money and are friendly with it. They understand how to make it work for them and how to keep it. The like it as a tool to do more things with and to have choices.

The smartest ones don’t let it control them, they control and manage their money. They control their spending. They know in business you want to keep your expenses low, and keep your cash flow and profits high. They pay themselves first and they save and manage money.

You Can Reach And Help More People The More Money You Have

Everyone of the rest of us can learn from the very rich. We can benefit from these principles. Seek ways to take a portion of you income, even if it were only a dollar a week, and sock it away somewhere you get some return. Save, grow it and then invest it.

T. Harv Eker and others call it a Financial Freedom Account. Put your money into an account that you want to grow so that some day you will be financially free. It makes sense does it not? Learn to be wise about money. Be thrifty, cut your expenses and maximize your gains.

These Winning Money Mindset and principles and practices I’ll  continue to share in upcoming posts. If you want to be wealthy be wise! Learn about money and befriend it. You can’t get rich if you hate wealth, the wealthy, or if you are stupid about it.

Money Will Not Buy Happiness – Be Happy First And Enjoy Money

Those who increase their wealth do so because they want it, they feel they deserve it and they do the correct things to build it. There are plenty of wonderful, philanthropic rich people out there. There are also plenty of greedy, cutthroat, rich predators out there.

Money amplifies who you already are. If you are nice to begin with you most likely will be nice with lots of money. If you are a bastard to begin with you’ll be a rich bastard with more money. The goal is to be free of debt and have enough money to live the lifestyle you dream.

The more money you have the more choices you have AND the more you can help and benefit others. I believe the more we have of power, money and influence, the more responsibility we have to help, to share and educate others to have the same.

Save Your Money – Invest Wisely – Learn To Manage Your Money

There is more than enough to go around. Yes, some attempt to hoard it and there are some rotten apples that have made it difficult for others. Still, it is possible to be free and enjoy more of the good life however you define that for yourself. Yes, enjoy the good life!

As we explore money and mindset one thing is clear. Money travels and finds those who like and appreciate it. So be a friend. Money is a tool and nothing more. Be grateful for whatever amount of money you presently have. Celebrate it and welcome it. Learn to do this!

You won’t get richer by focusing on debt and on lack. It you complain and worry about bills you perpetuate the cycle of never having enough. You need to understand the laws of money flow just as you learn about anything else in life. There are principles that work.

Curb Spending – Keep Cash Flow And Profits High – Invest In You

Gratitude is the right attitude. Be grateful and thankful for whatever amount you have. Be thankful that money flows. It circulates and you can capture more of it. Befriend it, befriend the concept. Learn to let go of fears and worries. Pay your bills and learn to do it joyfully.

Whenever I pay a bill, today, I think, ‘thank goodness the universe thinks I am rich’. Because it believes I can pay all these bills. I celebrate them for that reason alone! I didn’t always but I learned it’s better to be joyous and optimistic than a negative pessimist.

So take care of your money. Learn to manage and allocate it wisely. Learn to grow it. Most importantly learn to think as a benevolent wealthy person does. Keep expenses low and return high. There is more than enough to go around. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your future can be shiny and bright. Live today knowing this!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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