Another Reason Why You Are Suffering And How To Stop

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“Some people, maybe most all people, worry about the future. We have been trained and conditioned to try to solve future happenings. We think if we think it through enough maybe it will change. Some people can’t seem to stop thinking about it. They worry and fear.

Others drag the past around with them endlessly sifting through painful past moments. They have yet to let go. These people are weighted down by past experiences and spend much of their time reliving the hurt and disappointment. They regret so much.

Fewer live right now. It’s true most aren’t encouraged to do this. The present seems to always be sacrificed for some other moment. The difference with the present, from the past and the future, is the present is all we have. How we spend it IS how we live.

Do Not Look Back In Anger – Do Not Look Forward In Fear 

We can be present right now, in the here and now, or we can be sort of here now thinking about and feeling about other times. We have learned to rob ourselves of the pleasure of now. Right now there is no pain from the past and there is no anxiety about the future.

Those feelings are for other times. Right now, focused on right now, is all there is. Be right where you are. This moment. You can be happy right now. Mentally be where you are. It is perfect. The future has a not arrived, the past is over, there is nothing to worry about.

There is nothing to regret. Be here now. This moment is perfect. This moment you can be happy. This moment you can feel bliss. Gurus and sages have told you through the ages that now is when ALL IS available. That, this moment is perfect as it is.

Be Here Now In Awareness – Be Present

True, we have habits of thought, feeling and behavior. Shifting our focus from what we chronically do may not be the easiest thing to do but it is simple to do. The gurus say simply be here now. DROP the past and present. Bring your awareness to this moment.

What is going on right now? Can you feel the wind? What is the sensation? What are the smells? The sounds you hear? What are you seeing? Bring your attention to this moment and pay attention to whatever is going on. THIS we can learn to do. Shift our attention.

We must shift from the other times to pay attention to this time! Notice your breathing? Notice how the activity you are engaged in feels. If you are eating notice the flavor of your food as you chew. Put your attention on right this moment. Let go of all else.

The First Step To Changing Your Life Is Awareness

It is similar to how you learn to be a positive person. You shift your attention from the less than glorious to the glorious. You focus on what you have to be grateful for. You can shift to what is wonderful and you can be grateful for right now. YOU can do THIS! You can!

If you’re focused on right this instant you won’t be worrying about what’s coming.  You’re not concerned with what was.  Here and now is what your focus is on now. Some people will bother to concern themselves with thinking, how will they do anything in the future.

It will take care of it self.  Believe that, trust that for now. Don’t rob yourself of another moment with an excuse or a reason to put off what is good for you. You will encounter many thought red herrings that will take your attention away. Shift it back gently. Do it now.

The Mind Has Skill – Functionality – It Is A Robot – You Must Run It

Stay present. Begin the day, end the day focused on now. Whenever you can through the day draw your attention to now. It develops in increments. It develops in practice. It is done habitually as all else is. Learn to live now. Learn to focus and enjoy now. Learn to let go.

When the moment arrives to plan, you will plan in the here and now about the future without feeling anxiety about something that hasn’t happened yet. You do not know what will happen. You can’t see it yet. Enjoy the journey, notice where you are and step forward.

If it is around the bend you aren’t able to see around the bend so focus on where you are at.  The point of this discussion is, YOU always live from your conditioning. So to change you must change what you are conditioned to do. Stop feeling bad. Start feeling good.

Life Should Not Be Lived – Life Should Be Celebrated

To have change you must be change. You must do it. You must cease some things and initiate other things. The question of what you want for yourself will determine what you decide to do or not. It isn’t easy to learn to shift your focus but it isn’t easy to live in pain either.

It may be more comfortable to live in pain than to change it. That is because it is habit. If you change it one day living free from pain will be habit and comfortable too. It is your choice. Your decision right now determines what you have now and later. The power of choice!

If you put it off you put it off. You can begin this moment to live with greater awareness. You can begin to live life meditatively, more joyfully. You can ease your burdens and your worries and begin to find your bliss.  The power is In your decision.

Here And Now – That Is All There Is – Celebrate – Be Here Now

Work, whine and worry, fear, fret and despair OR live, love and laugh. Your choice. What you do next is completely up to you. My suggestion, if you struggle with this concept and practice, is do the least you can. Make one percent change your goal.

One percent, done correctly, repeatedly, consistently for enough time will result in  great change. It will result in incredible change! Do that, but don’t do nothing. Invest in yourself. Bring your attention to now. Deliberately delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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