The Secret To Becoming Free Of Problem People And Circumstances!

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“We are faced with difficulties, circumstances and challenging people. Tough times come our way. What are we to do? How can we get through the most trying of times? There is a way. If you are open to it and apply it you can experience wonderful freedom.

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Mindset, your attitude, is the most important tool, weapon, piece of the puzzle or secret ingredient. How we approach the world, how we perceive and frame what happens is crucial in how easily and readily we are able to move through those times.

Enlightened warriors use whatever is happening for positive development. They understand that challenges and obstacles are important for our inner and outer progress. They have realized that ‘the kite rises against the wind’ and that difficulties are necessary.

If You Can’t Change It – Change The Way You Think About It

This is the way of the enlightened peaceful warrior. They embrace and accept everything as important for their personal evolution. They know that what you resist persists. They understand the necessity of getting into flow. Acceptance IS what is needed.

Good people in our life are great to have BUT they are not that important in terms of our growth. They are support, they are community, they are part of our mastermind. The are important because of who they are and their connection to us.

The people who help us to grow the most are the ones we want to be around least. They are the asses, the rude, the strangers, neighbors, co-workers who rub us the wrong way. They are all the people we want to avoid. Why are these people important to us?

What You Deny Or Ignore You Delay – What You Resist Persists

Because they provoke us into thoughts and feelings we don’t want to experience. As long as they can bait us by who they are and what they do we will get hooked and reeled in the wrong direction. If we can learn from them and not get hooked we become free.

Pretend the issues is in you NOT in them. They are the catalyst. They are the provocateur. Without them we would not think and feel these things. These people come our way SO THAT we CAN get free. We need to realize they ARE a blessing not a curse. A blessing!

If we can love, forgive, embrace and understand them we can be free of them and get free of the issues inside us. They are the spotlight showing us the way out. They illuminate the areas we need growth. It is not just the people in our life but all problems and obstacles.

What You Face And Accept You Conquer – Let Go And Accept It

Less than glorious circumstances and personal problems are all blessings. If we are wise enough, intelligent enough, open enough, we can realize this and use them for greater freedom and a more wonderful life. Stop burning because of them and welcome  them.

Accept, allow, and understand. This may be true in real life or it may just be a mindset you adopt. Who cares? If you act as if, if you pretend, you can master it. Let go of problem people and circumstances as problems and welcome them as opportunities.

Change you mindset and attitude and beliefs about them and your life will change. Learn from each moment instead of resisting, accusing, excusing, whining, complaining and blaming. Love instead of hate, accept instead of being intolerant, be peaceful and enjoy.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude – Attitude Is Everything

Celebrate the tough times and they are no longer so tough! Take the sting out of the issue. Reduce the length of time it takes to go through difficult times. Perception is everything. Did you ever notice if you hate something, or are bored, or hurting, you endure it longer?

Fun times go by faster don’t they? Actually by clock time nothing changes, but by mental and emotional time everything may. Lessen the suffering by accepting the enemy. Make peace. You may or may not do it on the outside but do it on the inner. Be a peaceful warrior.

From within, change starts. Inside your mind and heart and being make the changes, if you can’t bring yourself to in the outer world. Perhaps, in time, it won’t matter to you either way. Make peace with the enemy. Celebrate all circumstances. Dance with the demons.

Bitter Trials Are Blessings In Disguise – Count Your Blessings

What you resist persists. Energy flows where attention goes. If you put energy into feeling bad about people you encounter or are surrounded by, or less than glorious circumstances, you get back more of the same. Birds of a feather flock together. You attract it.

When you let go, when you celebrate, when you are grateful and appreciate everything you go beyond the problems and issues. You enter an entirely new realm of being. You surpass the ordinary and live within the divine. If you consider it ALL divine you are free!

To change your life you must change what you think, feel and do on a daily basis. If you keep doing the same thing nothing changes. You keep the same issues and problems alive. Stop and make the changes you want to. Live the life you desire. Focus on the positive!

Talk About Your Blessings Not Your Burdens – Blessings Abound

Seek the silver lining. Find the good in all things and all people. Take the higher road. Take the road less traveled. Find ways to re-frame problem people and circumstances as blessings and opportunities. Welcome lessons! Learn, grow, find delight and enjoy!

It is a process. You will grow more and more capable. As you do whatever presents itself as challenging becomes less of a problem and more of an opportunity. Things change. The more you do the more you can do. You develop the skills. Acceptance becomes easier.

Many people make millions in the worst economic climates. Down times CAN be UP times! ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’. ‘One person’s floor is another person’s ceiling’. It is whatever we perceive it to be. Get it? Mindset is critical! It’s all about attitude!

What You See And What You Say Is What You Get – Be Positive

Perception is everything. What we believe runs the show. It is all a point of view. It is your point of view. As such it can change, but only you can change it. When you do new worlds open up to you.  You will see and live things differently and gloriously. You will become free.

Problems are there for our own good! Don’t avoid. Accept and allow. Become and enlightened, peaceful warrior. Make awareness and understanding your way. Find the good in all and people and circumstances stop being problems. Recognize how truly blessed you are and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight and enjoy!

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