It Is A Good Bet You Don’t Schedule This But You Should!

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“You schedule doctor appointments, phone calls and meetings. You note down when you need to take the kids to their events. You schedule your mechanic appointments and oil changes for your car. The important things you probably put on your calendar.

How often do you schedule time to play?  Have you ever? I don’t mean your racquet ball, golf or tennis games. I mean time in which you playfully adventure, explore and discover. Free time to do nothing but let go, have fun and enjoy yourself. Smile more!

Play – Have Fun In Life – Really Enjoy It – You Are Never Too Old

This is time to skip and dance, smile and have fun. Take an hour or two just to feel good and delight. Spend time to  feel some fun feelings, some good time emotions. Laugh, let go, be a little kid. Pretend. This IS important time and perhaps you are lacking in it.

You schedule important things right? Isn’t it important to feel good, have fun and be happy? Isn’t it good to relax, destress and enjoy more of your life? Shouldn’t you create more room to play and enjoy life without having to have any reasons for play? Let go, laugh!

The Supreme Accomplishment Blur Line Between Work And Play

Your not playing to win a match you are playing to play. Be as a little kid again. Be innocent. Use your imagination. Draw, color, make pictures or mud castles. Can you imagine yourself doing this? If not then you really must! Take time to let go and discover new things.

When you can play as a little child does you can learn new things, build new skills. You destress, chill, relax and regain your energy. You actually use your time productively doing ‘nothing’ purposeful. You aren’t trying to win. You are enjoying the present moment.

The Time To Relax And Play Is When You Don’t Have Time For It

There are many benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. When you play and lighten up your mood becomes more positive and lighter. You relax. You feel better and can think clearer. You take a vacation from seriousness and that is a great opportunity. Plus, more!

Be present. Be playful. Be innocent. Be delighted. Be curious. Become fascinated. Get captivated. Fill yourself with awe and delight. Chase a butterfly and enjoy the romp. You can do this. Get out of your head. Give yourself permission and go have some fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!

*** We are planning some new things! Soon  A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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