Expert Reveals: The Number 1 Reason You Fail To Get What You Want

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You set goals. You may even write them out. You visualize and you practice using the Law Of Attraction but nothing happens. You don’t get what you want, it doesn’t happen and it is frustrating. It is downright disappointing. So you chuck it. Been there done that.

Ha you experienced this or something like it? You try again. You have big, important wants. You want freedom, money, love, fame, success, a new career, a job, a new car or home, more vacation time, a significant other, you name it you want it. But you don’t get it.

Not yet, at least. Here is the number one determining factor between those who do make things happen for themselves and those who don’t. Those who ‘don’t’ expect it to come from outside them; the universe, god or others, provide it. They rely on others.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge

They visualize, they chant, they pray, they believe in the power, they affirm, hug trees, dance naked in the moon light, perform rituals and ceremonies, but nothing much changes much. The beg, plead, ask, shout and demand. They stamp their feet, yet, nothing happens.

Why is this? They put the source of power outside themselves. That is part of the reason. No one and no thing or entity or power is going to bestow it on you. Only you are going to make it happen or you will not make it happen. So here is the number one reason.

You want it. You desire it. You wish for it. However, you are not determined to get it. Yes, you want and need it, but you are still not determined to do whatever you must in a positive, productive, legitimate and honest way to get it. Otherwise you’d have it!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Determination is the key. Those who are determined to be it or have it don’t let anything stop them. They do whatever is necessary to ensure they become and have what they want. They know it is totally up to them. They work at it and keep at it until they make it.

They may also affirm and visualize and dance naked and perform rituals and pray, and ask and demand but when it comes down to it they know it is completely about their mindset and their actions. If you have the right mindset and correct actions, results can follow.

Without it you end up spinning your wheels. Thought precedes feelings. They KNOW they will succeed. They feel it. They expect it they ARE CERTAIN. There is no way in hell they won’t have what they want because they will keep going until they do. Back-bone!

Faith Without Works Is Dead – Take Action – Make It Happen

Steel will power. They endure defeat, humiliations countless times along the way but they have the fight of a champion warrior in them. They have the mind of a victor and winner. Most other people hope, wish and give up. The warrior may work harder but doesn’t have to.

Because the mindset of the determined person is so focused this person does what is necessary and doesn’t consider it work. They enjoy making their dreams and goals come true. They do it gladly. The know what they want and they go after it with passion.

They are enthusiastic. They enlist others to help them by cultivating a winning, pleasing, personality. They understand that to succeed means to work with others and collaborate. Everyone in the boat rises together with the tide. They are a valued team player.

Whatever You Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve …

Their attitude is positive and optimistic. They aren’t imagining fantasy, they are positively thinking ‘I will do this! I can do this!’ They control and manage their thoughts.  They focus on the positive and eliminate the negative, to make it happen. Attitude is everything!

Their thoughts are aligned, targeted, powerful and positive which give rise to good, strong, feelings and emotions that anything is possible. They feel unlimited, eager and excited. Because their thoughts and feelings are aligned their actions follow too.

They act because they believe their actions will bare fruit. If they make mistakes they correct them. They overcome obstacles and difficulties. They are prepared that it won’t always be easy or comfortable, but that doesn’t prevent them. They enjoy challenge.

Key Words Are – You Can Achieve – Because It Is You Who Doing It

Their positive, powerful, productive thoughts, feelings and inspired actions ARE success habits. They have cultivated habits that support their pursuit. Still, they are driven and determined and always follow through. They are leaders and blaze the way. Winners never quit!

Yes, they may rely on coaches and mentors and others who have succeeded before them because these people are yes sayers not nay sayers. They understand the value of proper guidance and accept the wisdom of more experienced players. They learn and evolve!

This is a critical difference between those who have and those who don’t. Those who have DETERMINE to have. The others who want and hope but fear leaving their comfort zones miss out. If you want success you must stretch yourself and determine to make it yours.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

The people who succeed the easiest are inspired by their wins and the wins of others. They aren’t envious or resentful. They are happy when people thrive and make it. They keep track of their wins, they delight and they are grateful for the opportunities they discover.

They don’t wait for circumstances to change they change the circumstances. They make use of everything. Millionaires are made in economic downturns, when the economy is flat and when it is on the rise. Mindset makes it happen. But, know this important rule.

It isn’t just mindset. It isn’t thoughts alone. That is why those sitting in their easy chairs chanting for money aren’t getting any. It is thought plus the right actions. Thought AND action. If you do nothing you get nothing. Still, the thinking is the most important.

You Don’t Get What You Wish For – You Get What You Work For

Right thinking is 99% responsible for success. 1% correct, applied action, brings it about. You aren’t working harder you are working smarter. Be smart. Get determined. If you aren’t already you can cultivate it. That is what affirmations and visualization are useful for.

Cultivate and develop the champion winner’s attitude, the steeled will power, determination and enthusiasm, the certainty you will succeed by learning to control your thinking process and your feelings. You can do this! That is why I created this blog! Learn it.

Do it! Learn from the great ancient masters and thought leaders. Apply the principles and practices. Fashion yourself into an unstoppable, unlimited, invincible, deliberate creator. That is putting the law of attraction to proper use! That will help you get your goals.

The More You Use Your Willpower Muscle The More It Grows

Do this and transform your life. Only you can. If you delay it you will succeed in delaying it. Start succeeding when and where you want to. Be the person you want to become. Start now. Become convinced you can and you will be. Use your mind for the change you want. Get it? USE your mind FOR A CHANGE! AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy this amazing day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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