You Become The Role You Play So Choose Wisely!

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“From early on you borrowed the beliefs, values, rules and reasons of others. You made these yours before you could even decide whether you wanted them or not. Your mental programming was set and, experience you had, further supported your adopted mindset.

Of course, it had to support it because, as neuroscience informs us, we live from our programming. Our world view is first fashioned on the inside. THEN what we notice or don’t notice is dependent on that mindset.  It is dependent on our Reticular Activating System.

The RAS finds matches in the outer world and within our experience that matches our predisposition. Thus, we tend to think, feel, act and behave from that previous conditioning. We tend to play out the role we have accepted for ourselves from early on. Actors fulfilling a role.

To Guarantee Success – Act As If – It Is Impossible To Fail

In order to make changes we have to change how we think, feel and act. Manage your thoughts, take control of your thinking, and you will change your life. Your feelings and your behaviors will follow. It begins with thought, everything stems from your thoughts.

Think you are already it.  Act as if you already have it. When you do will feel it and become it. You play the role.  Behave the role, just as an actor does. Think the thoughts of the character and feel the part until you become it.

Act as if you are already a wealthy entrepreneur and you increase the likelihood of becoming one. Act as if you are already happy and you become happier. Act as if you are already successful and you become more successful. It works.  You have to do it to know it!

Live As If You Already Have It – Believe It – And It Can Be Yours

You travel in advance of the world by aiming your thoughts, feelings and behaviors at becoming what it is and who it is you want to become.  Act as if, first and reap the rewards, second. Plant the seeds first and then second you reap the harvest. It works this way. Do it!

Act as if you already have the home, car, money, career, whatever it is you want, feel grateful for already having it and you open the doorways of your own neurology to be more capable of getting it. You put your brain power on the side of making it happen.

Many people don’t act because they are afraid, they worry, they doubt they can’t get it or do it. They hope they might become it but don’t believe they can. When you act as if you engage your subconscious mind in helping you make it your reality.

Act As If You Are Already That Person You Want To Become

You pretend it fully. You act it. You rehearse it. You do what a happy, successful person does and you learn the thoughts, feelings and behaviors while pretending. You go through the motions as you would practicing a golf swing, or piano, or dance step.

When the going gets tough you get what you practice. If you want to be more successful practice being successful already. Rehearse it. Act as if. You can pretend anything and master it, if you are willing to. So take control of your life and the results you get by doing it now.

Feel the good feelings. Feel happy, rich, confident, attractive, persuasive, now. Practice, act as if, you already are any one or all of these traits. Feel grateful, enjoy it. Practice feeling certainty and powerful and positive. Celebrate yourself and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Don’t miss the fun you can have today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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