Stop Whining And Go Get It!

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“People drift. Many don’t know what they really want or what to do. They vacillate. They fret and worry. They are lost or caught up in less than glorious circumstances. They seek answers. I have, you too. Pundits have offered answers and hope; some good, some not.

What I like about Napoleon Hill is he tells it like it is. Many proponents of the Law of Attraction make it about wishing, wanting and hoping. They promote magical thinking. They claim, make a wish and hope it comes true. Sadly, many give up when that doesn’t work.

Hill pointed out that you must have an obsessive desire to obtain what it is you want in life. You must crave it such that there is an intensity behind what you want; so much that you will be willing to do anything positive and productive to accomplish or attain it.

A Champion Is Someone Who Gets Up even When He Can’t

You don’t wish it to happen. You don’t just want it to happen. You don’t hope it will happen. You don’t just dream it’s going to happen. You actually act and make it happen.  You know what you want. You focus on it to the exclusion of all else. You concentrate intensely.

You make it your burning  desire. Believe that you will make it happen regardless of circumstances. Believe in yourself and that you can do it. Hill says you need Applied Faith for when the going gets tough AND it will get tough. You need to believe your way through.

He is one of the few people who point out that on the path to success there may be difficulty and obstacles . He asks, if you know anyone who succeeded right from the very start without any difficulty. The answer is usually no. There may be rare exceptions.

Champions Train – Losers Complain

Hill modeled over 500 of the wealthiest people and discovered that on the path to success many succeeded and failed numerous times prior to ultimately making it. Most encountered severe obstacles that seemed insurmountable, yet, they prevailed. They had will!

Because they were severely challenged they learned how to attract money and wealth. They learned that they had to keep going, in spite of unbelievable odds. They were convinced they would succeed. In doing so they became invincible and unstoppable.

It begins with mindset. Attitude makes all the difference.  Champions know it will happen.  They are convinced it will happen. They expect to make it happen and they do. It happens because THEY persist. They are committed . They NEVER give up!

What You Are Thinking Is What You Are Becoming

They keep going until they accomplish what they set out to do. They have steel willpower.  They continue to do the right things, repeatedly and consistently for long enough to get their goals. This is the formula for success Napoleon Hill reveals out in his books.

Other proponents promote the airy fairy fluff.  Just wish it to happen. This is magical, mysterious thinking. The problem is that you and I buy into these notions. We want the lazy, easy, ‘no work’ way to riches. We want it fast and sweet. We want it yesterday. Am I right?

People exposed to this concept, read or see ‘The Secret’ and expect it to be a piece a cake. They think all all they have to do is imagine it coming to them and it will rain down into their lap. When it doesn’t happen quick enough they get confused and frustrated.

You Are Confined Only By The Walls You Made Yourself

They get disappointed and give up. Some might keep at it for a while hoping to make it work. They try to find the right way to have the heavens release their goods. Ultimately, they feel misled. Meanwhile, all along they are creating negative results.

Either you get positive results or negative results. You get what you want or you get what you don’t want. They are good at creating negative results. They get what they don’t want because they don’t focus correctly on what they do want. Correct application is needed.

They don’t do what they need to do in order to get what they want. You need to concentrate on it and make it a burning desire. Remember? Yes, expect it to be easy but know there can be obstacles. Know too,  that you will see your way through anything!

Champions Are Made Of Desire – Determination – Hard Work

It is all YOUR mindset. It is all attitude and thinking management. How and what you think determines your feelings and emotions. You either feel inspired and motivated or you don’t. You either feel it is possible or impossible. You feel you can do it or you can’t do it.

How you feel determines how you behave. When your mindset is right your feeling lead to inspired actions. You act! You behave congruently with your thoughts and feelings.  From your inspired actions you develop success habits.

Habits either support your success or detract from it. You either have habits of success or failure habits. You either get going and get doing those things that make you a champion or you doubt, fear, procrastinate and do those things that prevent you. Get it?

Champions Are Propelled By Desire – Not Compelled By Fear

To make any behavior a habit it you repeat it. You do it correctly, consistently, for long enough and it becomes a habit. It becomes automatic and reliable. You grow new neural pathways. You evolve your brain. You develop new thought, feeling and behavior habits.

These success habits, in unison, lead to positive results. As Hill revealed, you program your mind. You direct your mind and inform your subconscious mind what you want. It then goes on the lookout for opportunity and plans how you can get those results.

It is not magic.  It’s brain science. It’s not voodoo it IS how your brain works. The ancient thought leaders didn’t have science to back up their claims. They only knew what worked and what didn’t. Today, we have research that verifies it for those who need more proof.

Rock Bottom Has Built Way More Champions Than Privilege

The bottom line is you can have the success you want if you really want it enough. You must take charge of your brain. You have to control your thoughts! You need to focus exclusively. Concentrate on what you want. Feel like you’re already have it. Act as if!

Visualize. Affirm. Expect it your mind.  Think about it day and night. Plan to get it. Plan how you will get it. Start whether you are ready or not. Step out on faith that you can do it. Work ur plan and revamp your plan until you do get it! Keep going no matter what.

Develop this attitude! Do these things and you will get everything you want. You will make it happen because you will unstoppable! You will have shaped and conditioned and evolved yourself into a powerful ‘go getter’ force. You will develop the will to succeed.

Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right

You will do whatever is good, positive and productive to make it happen. You can help others and celebrate their successes along the way. You aren’t competing against anyone else for anything. You are making YOUR dreams come true and celebrating their dreams too.

It may not always go easy but that is okay. That serves to make you stronger and wiser. More important than what you get in the end is WHO you become during the pursuit. Evolve towards the highest good and you ultimately win much more!

Become the kind of person the world needs and you will succeed. The more people you help, the more of their problems you solve the more wealth and good will you generate. The more lives you positive influence the richer you become. Good news! That is telling it like it is! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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