You Can Pretend Anything And Master It

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“When we were children we would pretend what we wanted to be. Princesses and pirates, kings and queens, brave and daring, rich and famous. We pretended and we learned. We acted as if we were those people with those traits and belongings. We acted ‘as if.’

Much of our childhood was spent pretending.  The difference between playing pretend and using pretend is in our intent. Now, we pretend, to be. in order to become what it is we want to become. We do it deliberately and with full focus. Now, it is a deliberate  asset.

We can pretend anything and master it. We can master the ability we want to have. We can master pretending. Both are wins. We simply do it enough times, repeatedly, over a long enough time for it to become our own. We make acting as if and getting results a habit.

Every Champion Was Once A Contender That Refused To Give Up

Pretended that the law of attraction and vibration work. Imagine that you you are positively vibrating 24/7.  Use affirmations stating that you are vibrating high and radiating positive energy. Use Directed Questions™ to guide you further into fully feeling this.

Visualize and affirm. Ask questions of yourself that lead your thinking positively. Act as if you are vibrating the highest.  These practices help you develop a powerful mindset. Together they provide a frame, a point of view for you, and attitude to live from.

Either you are vibrating that you are  a rich, happy, thankful person, whose life is working well and you’re enjoying it or are you vibrating someone who’s worried  about bills, sad, disturbed, frustrated and angry; someone who has difficulties and issues in other areas too.

Champions Train – Losers Complain – Be A Champion 

Which is it?  If you are worried and angry you can change it. Presently, you may be experience that because the universe returns to you whatever you vibrate.  You get what you put out.  So what are you putting out there? What are you offering the universe?

Whether or not any of it is true or mumbo jumbo doesn’t matter. The practices help organize your thoughts. They give you something to do that you can calibrate to. Either you are doing them or not. Either you are happy and succeeding or not. The practices inform you.

Your results inform you as to what you are thinking, feeling and doing. Either you are getting stellar results because of your thoughts, feelings and actions or your results suck. Perhaps, they are so so, mediocre, but you’d like to improve on that. You can! Just do it.

Champions Do It Until They Get It Right – Develop Success Habits

Monitor your thoughts. Monitor your feelings. Make it a point to feel the best you can to feel. Be the best you can each moment. Be what you want to be in advance of having it. Act as if. The mental framework will help you greatly improve wherever you are at.

Riches attract riches. Feel successful and you attract success. Feel  good and feel happy. You attract what you are. You attract what you ‘vibrate’. Happiness attracts happiness. Birds of a feather flock together. Enjoy everything and you will enjoy more of everything.

These practices are like templates that you put on that guide you to becoming more of what you want. I don’t worry about whether they are ‘real’ although I have an opinion. If your opinion doesn’t support you then don’t listen to it. That is how I operate. Find support.

If You Want Quality Act As If You Already Have It

You want your thoughts, feelings, words, behaviors and habits to support you in your pursuits. You want to feel the best, think the best and enjoy the best results. To feel better you must actually do those things that make you feel better. Some people wait. You can’t.

Waiting doesn’t work. Waiting only brings more waiting. Some day never comes. You must take charge. You must put yourself in charge of your own life and lead yourself to victory. You must think and act like a champion if you ever want to be one.  Get it?

More next time. Meanwhile, practice today. Then each day. You can’t do it once and expect much to change. However, change your habits and your entire life can change. Habit change begins with thought change. You’ll never do anything you don’t feel like doing. You won’t.

Act As If You Are The Person You Want To Be – Go For The Gold

Unless, you force yourself. That is what champions and victors and leaders and the successful know. If you want it you have to be it and do it first. The happy people know to be happy. They don’t focus on things that make them unhappy. They protect their minds.

You can too if you want it enough. Strong desire, a burning desire, is the key. A fancy, passing, fleeting, or even persistent wish that things change won’t do it. A strong, white-hot passionate obsession will.  Determine to do it and have it and that nothing will stop you.

Then you are much more likely to get the results you want. I have found the best and easiest way is the way of gratefulness. Gratitude is an attitude that lightens up everything and paves the way for more blessings. Delight in all, no matter what. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide in your favor and have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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