What You Think At Work Determines Your Future

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“Is your work exhilarating and fun? Are you happy to go there each day? Are you thrilled with your bosses and coworkers? Do you feel blessed being able to do the work you do? Do you feel you are contributing and helping others in your job? Is it fulfilling you?

Sadly, and unfortunately, for many people, the answer is no. They aren’t exhilarated, thrilled or eager to go to work. Most can’t wait to get home and many find their job dreary and their coworkers and bosses annoying at the very least. Not everyone, but many. Many do.

It is sad and it is unfortunate. If you aren’t one of those people who ‘hate’ their jobs or long for a better one, consider yourself lucky and blessed.  For many people just having a job is a reason to celebrate. However, that is not the point of this post.

A Negative Thinker Sees A Difficulty In Every Opportunity

The point of this post is you may spent 40 hours, or even more, if full time on the job. Part time could cap at 39 obviously. How you spend that time, your thoughts and feelings, are a critical influence on your ability to easily create the future you want. It can help or hinder.

Remember, the goal is to manage your thoughts and feelings. To think and feel the very best. You need to do so because the predominant thoughts in your mind is what you tend to create. You can’t not create so the questions is what are you creating?

On top of the job hours there are the off hours spent worrying about or fretting over the job. People think about their job, talk about it, gossip about the coworkers and all the other possibilities. That means even more time spent possibly negative thinking.

A Positive Thinker Sees An Opportunity In Every Difficulty

How do you expect to create a positive future if so much time is devoted to negative thinking? This is why I remind again and again that every moment is a moment to celebrate and feel blessed no matter what is going on. Horrible circumstance? It could be worse.

Find the silver lining, the good in all situations. Look for it. Seek it, dig deep if you have to. Don’t give into negativity or succumb to living a lackluster life. Change your destiny. Think positive. Find the good. Find what there is to appreciate and appreciate it. Feel grateful!

Find the 1% that is good that you appreciate and celebrate the 1% one hundred per cent! Create what you want to have in your future! Use challenges and frustrations to propel you further. Don’t be limited by them. Triumph over them. Be bigger than your problems.

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Feelings And Experiences 

Your job can be your catalyst for greatness. Most of the successful CEO’s and top achievers in our world had menial, low paying jobs they hated. They started at the bottom as everyone else does but they were determined not to stay there. The made it out.

You can too! Use the hours in the day to think positive. We become what we think about. We get what we focus on. Like attracts like. Get more of what you want by becoming what you want first. Don’t wait. Develop the mindset and the feelings. Act as If! GO FIRST!

Be happy, feel rich and successful. Love life. Imagine everything is wonderful. Visualize and affirm. Direct your mind positively and powerfully. Learn from the difficult times and celebrate them. Enjoy the easy times and celebrate them. In fact, feel grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many different ways can you find to amaze yourself today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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