Make Things Happen By Pacing Reality

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“So, you wanted to manifest some things; money, ideal weight, the perfect relationship, harmony with family, whatever it is. The issue is you just didn’t believe you could do it. Or you didn’t believe it was possible for you. If that is the case you may want to implement this.

The issue you have is doubt. You doubt it will happen for you or that you can make it happen. I’ll be one of the first to say, ‘yup, it isn’t going to just happen for you’, but YOU can MAKE IT happen. Yet, you still don’t believe that, perhaps. You have tried affirmations.

You’ve tried visualization and you just haven’t made it work, yet. The reason again, is belief. If you doubt it and don’t believe you can do it what you ARE creating and attracting is more of the same doubt. Do you understand this? You have to change what you are doing.

Believe You Can And You Are HalfWay There

One of the things that does work is to pace reality. This means you describe what is ongoing and observable. I am sitting in a chair, typing on the computer. That is what Rex is doing. You are reading these words.  Beyond that Rex doesn’t know but you do.

You know where you are, the place and what it looks like. You know the temperature, the time of day. You know if you are sitting, standing or lying down. If you’re at home, work or on a train, plane or bus. Get it? You can describe your reality. Okay, okay that is pacing.

That is pacing the ongoing reality of your moment. That’s fine, but we are going to pace in another way, instead. We are going to pace the world at large, in general. For example, you think that you could never make enough money or become debt free. You can affirm this:

Believe That You Can Do It And You Will Do It

‘There are many people in the world who began with nothing. More people have made fortunes than have inherited them. Everyone begins somewhere. It may have been difficult for them too, but they did it. Right now someone just became wealthy! Someone did it.’

People are getting rich and making fortunes everyday. There is plenty of money going around. Billions and billions of dollars are exchanging hands each second. Just now someone received a large amount of money. Someone just received a big check.

More people are learning how to manage their money and make fortunes. There are lot’s of people creating wealth in today’s market. People find and win money too. Plenty of people are really good with money. If it is possible for some of them all of them probably could.’

Encourage Yourself And Encourage Others – You First

Here is the point. You want to uncover what is going on in the world. Plenty of people are eating well and maintaining their ideal weight. There are lots of people from all backgrounds and families who are healthy in spite of genetics. There are people right now meeting others, on dates, and falling in love. Everywhere in the world.

It is all going on right now. If it is possible for them it can be possible for you too. If, when you read these thoughts, you feel a bit more hopeful that is a good thing. You want to learn that you too can be part of the success crowd. Sometimes our focus is too narrow.

Especially when it comes to thoughts that limit us. We sometimes think we are alone, only we have this issue. Or anyone with the problems we have are doomed. Well, there are plenty of examples in the world of people with less doing more. If they can you can.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

Use the pacing of reality to create a window of opportunity for you. Pace the world in this way so that you learn it is possible and that it is going on. From there you can begin to learn to do what others do as well. ‘Others made money. They started from nothing. I can too.’

‘I can begin to learn to manage my money and create wealth.’ From there you can affirm, ‘I am learning to manage my money and create wealth. I enjoy learning. As I learn I become more able to do the things I want. I feel confident I can being to make more money too.’

You pace the world, and yourself. Then you lead yourself one stepping stone at a time down the path of least resistance. You pace and lead yourself into more easily and readily believing you can do it. When you believe you can then it becomes possible and more likely.

Step By Step You Make Your Way – It Is  A Journey Not A Race

Without the belief in yourself you won’t. Believe in yourself and that it is possible and you can learn to do anything. You really can begin to make your dreams come true. Stop resisting and start assisting yourself in moving forward. Step by step. Pace yourself into it.

IT WORKS! You can free yourself from years of defeatist limited thinking by pacing your way out of it. You really can. Of course, you actually have to do the work. Once you implement it , stick with it until a new reality is yours. It takes whatever time it takes.

If you want to be a success you need some skin in the game. What are you willing to pay or give up to succeed. Are you willing to keep at it until you win. If you truly are you will. If you quit you will have succeeded in quitting. Stop quitting and start winning. DO IT! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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