What They Heck Do You Have To Do To Get Some Coffee Around Here?

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“As I am known to do I burn the candle at both ends. I live large and long hours each day. I’ve been traveling a lot lately, busy all day, up late at night, because when day is done I still need to write and publish my blog.

This morning from about 4am on all I wanted was a cup of coffee. BUT…

Being busy I put off making it. Eventually, I decided I needed to get some nourishment so I made some bone broth soup, added some celery, carrot, mushrooms, onion and some spices. Much simpler than I normally would do but I was tired. This was tasty.

A Moment Of Gratitude Makes A Difference In Your Attitude

Back to work. As I was about to make coffee I got called away. Okay, it will wait. I did what I needed to do. I returned home and worked on some other business. I put off the coffee making until later. When I was again about to make it, again I got called away.

I went to pick up my son and take him to a movie. The journey to his mother’s house and the theater took an hour. We got to the theater and expected to see a particular feature. However, that would not start for another 2 hours. None of the movies we wanted would.

The coffee bar in the theater was gone. It had been replaced by a real bar. I needed to buy a ticket, go in and get it from the counter. We decided we would see the only movie NOW playing. ‘Fantastic Beasts’.  It was not a movie I wanted to see but there wasn’t another.

It’s Not Happy People Who Are Thankful …

Got tickets. Went to counter. Got him popcorn and drink. I learned I had to go to another counter to get coffee. I went to that counter. I said, ‘What you need to serve is soup.’ I was told I could order soup back at the bar. I didn’t want to go back over there so I asked for …

Yup, you guessed it. Coffee. I was told none was brewing and I would need to wait. I said, thanks but no thanks, as the movie was starting. We walked off and up the stairs to the big Ultra theater. Found our seats as the movie began. After a short while, I realized I liked it.

The movie was well made. It was engaging. We were enjoying it. Then I noticed someone coming our way. About 20 minutes into the movie this gentleman appeared. He said, ‘here is your coffee’. He also brought cream and sugar in case I wanted that. How’d he find us?

… But Thankful People Who Are Happy

I was completely surprised by this. I said, ‘how much?’ He said, ‘it is on the house’. I said, ‘no, no way I’d like to pay’. He said, ‘enjoy the movie. It is on the house’. He disappeared. I did enjoy the coffee. After all that is what I wanted since before dawn. I was gifted.

I fought getting a free gift. Silly me. Learn to be a gracious receiver. Soon I was thrilled. I was gifted coffee by a stranger. I didn’t expect it. I had given up hope of getting any until I got home or stopped along the way. Now, I had a great, hot cup of coffee, as if I had paid for it.

On the way I out I stopped at the counter and told them I’d like to pay for it. They said, ‘no way.’ They just wanted me to enjoy the show. I asked who the gentleman was who brought it to me. They said, their manager Adam. I asked them to point him out. They did.

Gratitude Opens The Door To Power Wisdom Creativity And More

My son and I went over. He saw us coming and stopped what he was doing. I told him they wouldn’t let me pay. He said, ‘nope, coffee was on the house and they just wanted me to enjoy the movie and my time there’. I told him I did and I was awestruck with their kindness.

We talked for about 10 minutes. His name is Adam. He manages the Majestic Theater in Brookfield. If you go to that theater tell Adam he rocks and that Rex is so pleased. He deserves more business and more kudos. This man went the extra mile in making my day.

For no reason at all other than he could do something nice. WOW! He generously gave. I balked a bit at receiving, but then graciously accepted their kindness and the kindness of the universe. It is little things like this that carry great weight and meaning.

What Are You Grateful For – Express Your Gratitude

Help another have a nice day. It is pretty simple when it gets right down to it. Help others feel better. Pay it forward. Let’s perform more simple, random acts of kindness. On top of it I was struck by how I got my cup of coffee. Not only free but I was SERVED it.

The universe provides! I feel blessed and fortunate. Grateful and delighted. I then got to take my kids and their loved ones to a dinner to celebrate thanksgiving a day before Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. I hope your Thanksgiving is extra special too. Put a smile on someone else’s face and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “What They Heck Do You Have To Do To Get Some Coffee Around Here?”

  1. I called at the supermarket near my office to buy a few items. When I got to the checkouts, they were all full. I stood in line behind a woman unloading a trolley full of shopping, and prepared for a long wait. But she looked into my basket and said “You don’t have much, go ahead of me”. That meant I would be served almost immediately. I hesitated, and almost asked, “Are you sure?” before realising, of course she was sure! I thanked her and went to the front of the queue. I’m sure she didn’t give this action another thought, but it gave me a warm glow far greater than the time I had saved. No act of kindness is ever ‘small’.

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