Go Beyond What You Already Know Because The Possibilities Are Endless!


“Do you feel stuck? Are you dissatisfied with how things are going? Are difficulties getting the best of you? Would you like to make your present conditions better? Do you want a brighter future? If you want tomorrow to be more wonderful you may be at the right place.

Today is all we have but today gives way to tomorrow. What we do this day influences the next. What we do not do today influences the next, as well. Some people never move because they are comfortable in their dissatisfaction. They tolerate a lot. They stand still.

There is a saying based in truth. ‘Standing is harder than moving’. We were made to move. As it is we are far too sedentary. We spend way too much time not moving and many of our medical issues are the result. We can’t stand or stay in one place. Not moving hurts us.  So…

Grab A Pen And Become The Author Of Your Life

If you are dissatisfied you may be at just the right place to put some action into your lifestyle. You may be ready to make a change. This is a great place to be. Dissatisfaction can help move you forward. It can help you get away from your troubles or problems. If so, great!

Be happy things suck enough to get you to do something right now. That’s what happened to me. I had hard turns that got really difficult. One bad thing after another. I tolerated for a long time and then said, ‘wow, you have to make some changes’. I took control.

Everything changed. Are there stills rocks and challenges? You bet there are. The difference is I am different. Rocks are rocks so what. Once, I had hoped, thought, wished, expected that life would be free of all rocks. It doesn’t work that way. We change the rocks remain.

As Long As You Say What You Have You Will Have What You Say

I love my life. If you don’t love yours yet, you can. Decide to take control of yourself. Take control of your thoughts and emotions. It is absolutely worth it! One day you will look back and see what you brought about. You will look back and see how far you came.

Imagine, if three years or one year, or if in six months from now you were to look back and notice how far you had come wouldn’t that be worth it? What if you can see yourself having made many positive changes, would you like what you see? It can be this! It can be better.

Stop, and imagine the life you want to create. See yourself having begun today, as you look back at that moment, when you decide to change yourself and take control. See all the changes to your lifestyle, the money, the love, the leisure, the fulfillment. Notice!

Choose To Smile When Life Frowns – Choose Victory Over Defeat

As you think about that life now, you would notice, your decision to move forward today made all the difference in the world for you. That today you began a positive, productive journey that took you beyond limitations and into your resourcefulness and new heights.

So use your present circumstances to move you forward. Whatever they are. If you want them to be different decide that you will make them different. Decide now you will. This is the first step. Commit to taking the your first steps. It is all good. Make the change today!

Make this change now and you have something wonderful to look forward to and back on. If not, you may miss out on many positive things. Our perceptions form the reality we live within. Our mindset and beliefs determine what we will go for and what we will achieve.

Imagine Your New Life Fully And Completely – Keep Visioning It

What prevents most people from living their dreams is a thought. Don’t let a thought stop you. Instead, stop and take a deep breath and see the bright new future out there waiting for you to make it happen. In your mind take your first steps toward it. Go for it!

Go beyond what you presently know and anything is possible! What you don’t know you don’t know. What you do know often limits you. It provides you the reasons and the excuses for not taking action. Stop! Go beyond both. You’ll discover things you couldn’t otherwise.

That opens everything up for you. The possibilities and potential is endless. Decide to be different. Then congratulate yourself for deciding. Be grateful and practice gratitude for everything. AND keep deciding to be in charge. Do it! Moment to moment.

Today Is Not Just Another Day – It Is A New Opportunity

Live your decision. Be different. Be grateful.  Fill your heart with genuine thankfulness. That will pave the way for more. Discover even the tinest things to be appreciative about. The moment you stop complaining and start celebrating everything changes! It truly does. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make a difference today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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