Whether Or Not You Realize It You Are Doing This To Your Self!


“What do you want? That is an important question. Some want money, stardom, love, fun, family, excitement, simplicity, relaxation and more. Some want better toys and things. Some want to connect deeply with another person. Others want to find their purpose.

Science indicates more and more that what goes on in our outer world, that which we call reality, is actually a reflection of our inner world. Our brains interpret trillions of bits of data that come into us through our senses. We assimilate and draw conclusions.

Our data is run through perceptual filters and then filtered again based on our beliefs, values, conditioning and experiences. We make all sorts of inner transforms and computations outside of of conscious awareness and create a personal map of reality.

Your Inner World Reflects Your Outer World

This map is individual and shared. It is agreed upon outside of awareness. It becomes a governing by consensus. We share a ‘common reality’ or map while we have an ‘individual map’. These can wildly differ while agreeing at the same time. This is amazing.

We are map makers and meaning makers. We assign value to a representation of reality, that we create, because we don’t actually experience reality EXCEPT through our neurological filters. We are steps removed from it. We only know our filtered, created reality.

Our ‘reality’ is a projection. A version of what’s ‘out there’ or ‘in here’ because by filtering data we leave things out. We aren’t even aware it is missing. It is deleted. We either never received it because it was filtered OR we are unaware of it because it is out of our awareness.

To Change The Outer World – You Must Change The Inner World

We distort things. A good example of this is Van Gough paintings. They are a creative distortion of what is ‘out there’. This is a talent. Plus, we generalize. We can recognize many different forms of chairs without having to learn each every time. We are talented.

Our filters limit us but they are also the basis of our creativity and genius. We have to work with what we have, don’t we?  So though neurological transforms we create a map of reality, a representation, or better yet a re-representation, of what is out there. It is a map.

According to science, AND mystics, religious leaders and philosophers we don’t really have much to do with reality. We only know re-representations of it. It is just as if we have an actual road map of our entire life and universe. Our brains map our reality.

The Map Is Not The Territory – The Map Is The Map

Hence, we draw conclusions, make rules, form beliefs, all on limited bits of filtered information which is missing elements and distorted. We don’t have the whole truth in its entirety! We have a map put together of snippets of this and that. Our map is incomplete!

Remember maps you hold in your hand? Now days we have GPS. It is the same. It is a detailed representation of the roadways so we can navigate. It doesn’t contain everything you see along the road. It can’t. It is a representation of what is there. It is smaller and limited.

Our maps are smaller and limited than what is actually ‘out there’. They are incomplete. We live in a microcosm. We don’t have a complete picture. We couldn’t. The map by definition IS smaller than what it portrays. We have an incomplete road map of our universe.

Remember You Operate From The Map Not From Reality

We may have many maps and share many similar maps. To the degree that we share and understand each other’s maps is the degree to which we have rapport. We can understand where the other person is ‘coming from’. We have elements in common.

We see through the glass dimly. We impose our inner reality, our map, on the outer reality, We use the lessor to define the greater and miss many important things. There are no limitations in reality. The limitations exist in our map. Limitations exist in our thinking.

That is why Henry Ford could correctly say, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are correct’. If we want things to be different for us we need to make better maps. We need to stop limited thinking and think better. The outer reflects the inner.

Make A Better Map – Create What You Want – Say Yes To Life

I repeat. The outer is a reflection of the inner because the inner is all we actually have. We mistakenly think we are dealing with the outer but at all times we are dealing with our re-representation of what we think is going on based on our neurological filtering. Whew!

So to the point. Life, out there, mirrors our thoughts. We create the reality we live in either consciously or non-consciously. The sooner we realize this and take responsibility for it the sooner we can begin to have more of what we want to have. We can become deliberate.

Instead of haphazard creation based on prior faulty conditioning we can choose consciously what we deliberately intend to experience and we can take inspired action steps to bring that new reality about. AS you keep your thoughts positive you create a positive life.

Limitations Don’t Exist In Reality – Limitations Exist In The Map

You create new experiences because you brain looks for these opportunities you otherwise miss. You get what you focus on. If you are focused on problems you are apt to miss positive opportunities as they present because the opportunities aren’t in your awareness.

They aren’t in your map. If the location you want to travel to isn’t on your map how would you get there? Life mirrors thought. If you keep your thoughts positive you create a more positive life. You create more positive experiences. You notice more! You experience more!

Say yes to life and life will say yes to you! You get back what you put out. What you think about you become. Get it? Be grateful and enjoy all of it and all of it can transform in wildly wonderful ways. YOU are doing it! You are changing your map! Understand? Do you?

As Within So Without – As Above So Below – You Create Reality

Take charge of your life by taking control of your inner thoughts and representations. Say yes to life. Delight and enjoy and you will discover more to delight and enjoyment. Think and feel abundance and you will experience more abundance. YOU are doing it! Create what you want. Be grateful. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today delightful!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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