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“The universe and April provides. The weather, where I currently am has dumped on us a lot of snow and ice. We got a number of  inches last night and it continued today. I took my son and girlfriend to the new Star Wars movie, fell asleep through most of it. So did my son.

We grabbed a pizza at the theater restaurant then went back and watched it again. We enjoyed it. Glad the franchise seems to be back on track under the new leadership. These last two installments are quite good.

When we came out of the theater my car was completely frozen over. With my hands I managed to scrape off enough ice from the windshield to make a small hole to see through. We drove a few blocks to a nearby gas station.

Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems – You’ll Change Your Life

wanted to purchase a scrapper and brush. I pumped some gas just because we were there. Instead of using the pump credit card pay outside option I went in to a buy the brush and scraper. I asked a clerk upon walking in where they were. They were out sold out!

I went to pay for the gas. I decided to pay inside instead of at the pump so I could put the scrapper on the card. It appeared we were going to have to try to find another station that still had some.  April, at the cash register, had overheard me ask one of the other clerks.

She said ‘I have an extra one in my car I’ll give it to you’. I said ‘I’ll buy it’. She said you ‘No I will give it to you’. I said, ‘No really, I’ll pay for it.’  She said, ‘ No really, I’ll just give it to you.’  We could have gone on for a couple more minutes like that.

There is Always Something To Be Thankful For – Notice It

BUT at that moment I surrendered to the gift. I said, ‘Thank you very much’.  We walked outside together. She ran through the snow and ice to her car at the far end of the parking area and then back. Handing me the scrapper said ‘Merry Christmas’.

I said, ‘ Wow! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you!’ I cleared the ice and snow from my windows. I took my son’s girlfriend home, him home, then drove home. Took more than an hour with the snow coming down. At home I sent an email to the gas station corporate.

I shared how April went the extra mile, beyond the call of duty, to do something nice for one of their random customers. I thanked the universe. I am blessed.  It was a good thing too. I used it again today numerous times. The snow keeps coming.

Count Your Blessings And Your Entire Life Can Turn Around

A woman friend and I went to the movies caught LaLa Land and really enjoyed that too. Coming out I scraped a lot of my car. Drove home. She borrowed it to clear her car of ice. Then she drove home. I really have a lot to thank April for.

I have a lot to thank the universe for. Little blessings and large. Day in and day out. I love my life and all the wonderful surprises. Things always work out for the best. Be glad. Be happy. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it a magical day for you and yours!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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