You Don’t Need To Get All Pumped Up And Motivated!


“How important is confidence? Is it necessary? What about getting motivated? Do we really need to get pumped up before we get our tasks done? Some people don’t trust motivational gurus or seminars. Sometimes for good reason. So what do we actually need?

Confidence is absolutely important. Competence is also important. WISDOM may be needed more than either in order to discern when to be confident. YOU SHOULD be confident that you can learn to do anything and confident you can do it once you have mastered it.

Both confidence and competence are part of the same set . One without the other is meaningless. I don’t have to be confident I can walk over to the other side of the room and get a book from the shelf, today. I don’t need that because I already AM confident I can.

When You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

WHY? Because I have successfully done so or similarly many times. More than anything one needs to behave as an infant does. The infant doesn’t know any fancy words like confidence or competence. The infant just keeps doing it until a successful habit.

That is how we learned to do everything from birth on. We just did without judgement. We learned to roll over, sit up, balance, crawl, walk, feed ourselves. Imagine where we would be if we had given up anywhere along the line to acquire those abilities.

Imagine what would have been the outcome had we thought ‘this is too hard I can’t continue.’ What if we thought, ‘I’m not good enough to feed myself. I can never do this.’ We didn’t judge or assess how difficult or how long things would take. We simply did until we could.

Don’t Be Pushed By Your Problems Be Led By Your Dreams

Nearing toddle stage the influences around us helped us to not be so tenacious. We learned about ‘failure’ and ‘success’. We learned there were punishments and reasons to not do things. We learned to lie to save face and get away with things. We learn defeat and to feel bad.

Prior to that there was no such thing as defeat.  We just did it until we could do it. We mastered many major skills without thinking about it. We didn’t read books or need to get pumped up. We didn’t whine or complain. We just performed endlessly until we got it.

We were conditioned out of being tenacious and learned to be afraid. We gave away our power. That is what happened back then. We can continue to whine and complain and make excuses about that time. We can blame those who did their part to raise us.

Know That You Can Do It And You Can Become Unstoppable

Here is another way to think about confidence when people say they need confidence. Because some people are confident they don’t have any and will boldly tell you they are certain they have none. The snake is swallowing its own tail. Understand this phenomenon?

Confidence can be no different, in this regard, than worry.  Worry is negatively planing for the future. Some people are certain things won’t work out. They are confident about negative circumstances or certain they lack certain abilities or opportunities. Get it?

You can affirm something in the positive or you can affirm something negative. You can be certain things will work out or that they won’t work out. Confidence that you can is the same as confidence that you can’t. There is no difference in the feeling of certainty.

Follow Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself – Never Give Up

However, one form of confidence results in being able to do something positively while the other results in you positively being unable to do something. Aim your confidence at what you want to do in a positive way. This is where confidence can be most useful.

Be confident, believe that you can learn what to do. You are in the process of discovering, learning, starting out to gain skill in an area. As you gain the skill your confidence in your abilities can go hand in hand. Keep the faith that you can learn and you can master it.

You have mastered many things in life. Some great and productive. Some not so great and burdensome. Because you have done both you can now decide which to master in the future. You can choose to master skills or not. Whatever you decide is precisely what you do!

I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I Think I Can 

You can live in the past from that conditioning OR you can choose to be different. You can choose to let it go. You can choose to learn again to live as that tenacious child. You start right from where you  are at, in spite, of your conditioning. You can move forward.

When you believe you can do something it does make doing it a bit easier. You want to believe that you can accomplish you goals. It provides extra juice, hope, courage and tenacity for getting the results you want. If you don’t believe in yourself it is tougher.

You may never move if you aren’t confident or certain that you can. You do want to be confident you can get your outcomes. You must have faith, unwavering faith, that you can make happen what you say you will. You win more often when you have a champion mindset.

Keep Going Until You Get There That Is All You Need To Do

That doesn’t mean you need to get all pumped up. You can have a quiet conviction that you can steer your ship through troubled waters if necessary. You can and you will do whatever positive it takes to make your dreams come true. You are certain you can!

Let go of whatever reason ‘why’ you can’t. Look for and wrap yourself in the reasons why you can. No matter how difficult look for solutions not at the problems. Turn your attention to the small, baby steps you can take consistently to move you from here to there.

That’s what the infant did. The infant made small micro muscle movements again and again and again, correcting as necessary, to hone the skills and behaviors of balancing and feeding and whatever was learned at the time. You and I can do that again. Take tiny steps.

Winners Aren’t People Who Never Fail But Ones Who Don’t Quit

Figure out what you want and go for it. Make tiny, positive, daily progressive steps towards accomplishing your goal. If you want to make more money, for example, what do you have to learn? Do some research. Who do you have to call? What do you have to sell?

What are the resources around you? What can you do? If you think nothing, that you can’t do anything, then you aren’t thinking very hard or well. There’s always something positive, small, and not that difficult, you can do to move forward. Explore, think and discover.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish? What step can I take. What can I do?  Break down what you want to accomplish. Chunk it down into small manageable bits. Once you take your first step, repeat the process for the next. Just do one step after the other.

Adjust And Continue – You Can Always Find Or Create A Way

Little progress at a time is better than no progress over time. If you do nothing you will be in the same place days, weeks, months and years from now. Doing a small bit each day will take you further much faster. Begin now. Determine what you want and move on it.

I end each blog with find things to be grateful for. It is repetitious. It is meant to be! I repeat things over and over because these ARE important and it takes repeated exposure to sink it. Anything worth learning and having is worth repeating. Once is never enough.

Find your way. Drop the excuses. Take charge. Live fully. Feel grateful. Manage your thoughts. Be thankful. Choose how you will make it be. Appreciate everything. Take another step. Express gratitude. Inch by inch. Get it? Okay now celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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