Develop Your Resolve And You Can Do Anything!


“Whatever positive change you want to make in your life you can do it. You are in this world for a reason. You must determine what that reason is. Frickin’ make it up if you have to but decide you are going to live the life of your dreams. Decide you will make it happen.

You don’t have to hurt anyone or take anything from anyone to do it. You can make it begin to happen right now with what you have and what you don’t. The first change on the road to success is your mindset more than anything else. Once that is right things change.

Attitude is everything, It really is! Guinness Record breakers wouldn’t be if they didn’t, at the very least, think they could go for it. At the VERY least they decided to ‘try’ and give it a shot. Get it? You have to start with the knowledge that I can do this. I can learn how.

Work Through Things – Face Up To Them – This Makes You Strong

I am capable of learning. I am going to do whatever positive and beneficial things I can to shape my life the way I want it. I let go of thoughts of defeat. I think of victory. I am not interested in what I cannot do but what I can do. I don’t care what the problems are.

I want to know what the solutions are. I shall prevail as I awaken to the opportunities I are missed out on because of past fears. I will move forward courageously step by step adjusting and continuing along the way as necessary. I will be unstoppable in my quest.

I will look around and notice any challengeI face is not the end of the world. I can handle anything thrown at me. Each day is the beginning of a new day. Challenging, yes perhaps. Perhaps, more difficult than anything I have ever faced and I saw ‘bring it’. BRING IT ON!

Resolve To Be A Master Of Change Rather Than The Victim Of It

I know in challenges, and what appears to be defeat, are learning and opportunities to further grow and develop. Muscles grow through resistance and challenges are a normal part of my development. I meet challenges with resolve. I move forward because of them.

I live courageously and fully. When situations arise that might be tough I make the best of it. The world has always faced troublesome times and troublesome people. I can too. I am focusing my thoughts and my efforts on creating my life the way I want it to be. I am! I can!

I will support others and allow others to support me. I will help others and enlist the aid of others as necessary. We can all be more successful and happy when we work together and uplift each other. I will keep my mind positive and focused. If I fall I get back up. I do!

Commit To Making Each Day The Very Best – Control Your Destiny

That is just the kind of person I am. I learn and I grow with each step I take. I am grateful for the opportunity to begin to realize my power and my purpose. The more I do the the more I can do. Drop by drop fills the tub. Eventually I will get there because I am making it happen. I love my life and I appreciate and celebrate everything!”

Be filled with gratitude today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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