How To Experience The Joy Peace And Success You Want


“If you aren’t living as you want? If you aren’t experiencing the joy, and peace you would like to, that you deserve to; if you aren’t making your dreams come true and creating the success you want then you need to begin right now.  Stop waiting. Start having!

You are already that which you seek. Are you aware of this? You already have what you want and need? All you have to do is claim it! You do that by declaration. You have the ability to install powerful thoughts and beliefs in your mind any time you decide to.

Choose to focus on supportive thoughts, beliefs, ideas, behaviors and feelings. It is that simple. You have the power to control your mind. Let me repeat: you are already that which you seek. You already have everything you need or want. Simply claim it! Choose!

You Have The Power To Create The Life You Want To Live

It boils down to simple, stark choices. Similar to day and night you have supportive or not supportive. There is positive or negative. Strong or weak. Victor or victim. Champion or loser. Choose which you prefer. Focus on the one you want. Stay focused on it. FOCUS!

Most people do an unsuccessful mix of both. The reason they don’t get what they want is they take one step forward and one step back. They get mostly what they don’t want because they aren’t focused exclusively on what they DO want. Their thoughts are lopsided.

The balance isn’t in their favor. They think weak, non-supportive, loser, victim, negative, thoughts much or most of the time. They get caught up in excuses, blaming, complaining and worrying. Occasionally, they get hopeful and positive. That isn’t enough!

Visualize What You Want – Live Into It As If You Already Have It

When 80% of your time or better is focused on what you want, feeling good, and  thinking like a champion you make things happen. Even 55%, 60% 70% is better than 50-50. The more think positive and have positive feelings and actions you get more positive results.

Begin today. Make a choice and commit. It isn’t difficult. It can be fun. You can make it an adventure. Discover how much fun and positivity you can create for yourself. Become curious how much you life can change when you focus on these in this way. It can be magnificent!

Find reasons to enjoy everything. Be grateful. Remember you already have within you the ability to chose what to focus on. Shift away from the less than glorious. Choose to be different. You HAVE the power to control your thinking. Your life will be more than you can imagine when you are thankful and celebrate everything. ” Rex Sikes

It is only 24 hours. You can make the most of them!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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