Experts Reveal: You Are Missing Out And You Don’t Even Know It!


“You don’t know what you don’t know! You can’t know what you miss and do not notice. It is obscured from your view. If you can’t see it you won’t have seen it. I hope you get this important point. Many people walk around with blinders on. Actual blinders of perception.

Research points out that your (our) Reticular Activating System (RAS) looks for matches in your experience and your history that mirrors your internal world. As within so without. Whatever you focus on is what you get. Whatever you don’t focus on you miss.

This is an incredible point to understand. There are opportunities all around you. Opportunities exist all the time. People all over the world are taking advantage of opportunities YOU do not see. Opportunities you CANNOT see. Opportunities you keep missing!

What You See And Hear Depends On The Kind Of Person You Are

You are missing opportunities day and night. In every aspect of your life. Your thinking determines what you are able to notice. How open minded or closed minded you are determines what you will discover and entertain. Most of us are closed minded in many ways.

One of the ways is conscious and is based on our previous conditioning and conclusions we come to as a result. We see this in the political and religious arenas a lot. Both sides believe they are right and have a monopoly on the truth and correct action.

Another way is simply by not paying attention. We are hooked into what is going on around us by what we think about going on inside us. We are focused on problems, debts, and  issues that occupy our thoughts and our time. We focus on lack and limitations.

If Our Perceptual Doors Were Cleansed Everything Would Appear

Both of these ways means we obviously will miss out on what else might be there. The first because we refuse to accept that there is any value elsewhere. The second because our focus narrows down and spotlights problems. We literally shut off peripheral seeing.

The last way I will cover in this post are our distractions. We are distracted and do not focus on what we want. We wish and hope some but mostly pay attention to daily life needs, the internet news, taking selfies, and doing things that don’t add up to very much.

It isn’t that we shouldn’t do them but we forgo putting our energy into where it counts most. We need to focus on what we want and make it a burning desire to the exclusion of everything else. We do this until our brain grabs it and runs with it. When it does voila’!

Be Thankful For What You Have And You’ll End Up Having  More

Our subconscious, our RAS, looks for matches that are most important to us. It looks for opportunities. You begin to notice them as you do other models of cars, just like the one you bought. I bought a PT Cruiser. I rarely noticed them until I did. Now I see dozens daily.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You aren’t aware of what limits you that you aren’t able to see. The best to do is focus on what you want so you are able to recognize opportunities to help you make that happen. You have to open and focus your mind.

Stop missing out all the good stuff. Start taking advantage of everything that exists out there for you. If you think the world is limited you will find plenty of limitations. If you think it is abundant and filled with all sorts of incredible things you will find that too.

Every Man Takes His Own Limits As The Limits Of The World

Your world is actually what you make it. What you think it to be OR what you don’t think is to be! Of course, what you don’t think you won’t know you aren’t thinking it. It is a loop for certain. Think the thoughts that bring you the best. Think the best thoughts!

This is HOW it works. If you think, ‘nah can’t be right’. YOU will be correct in that. For YOU it won’t be right. IT will not work until YOU change your thoughts from how it can’t to thoughts of how it can. Whether you think you can or can’t you are right. Get it?

It is simple and straightforward. Either your thoughts serve you or they do not. Choose to think and focus more on ones that serve and support you and you will find more opportunities and resources. It actually works that way. Open up! Get your brain working for you!

The Eyes See Only What The Mind Is Prepared To Comprehend

Gratitude is another way you find opportunity. Count your blessings and you will find more blessings to count. You will find things you didn’t recognize or realize were blessings and benefits. They are there. You just missed them by being caught up in other things. Stop. Become grateful. Your world will change in incredible, mind blowing ways. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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