How To More Easily Keep Your Resolutions!


“Do you make resolutions? Are there things you want to accomplish in the coming year? Have you had some difficulty in past years keeping your resolutions? Read on I’ll share with you how can you most easily keep doing those things you resolve to do.

The simple definition for the word resolute is admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. It is the time to be resolute. For some reason we like landmark dates. The 7th year isn’t as meaningful as the 10th year. The New Year means more than March 3rd.

Silly us. You and I can make resolutions anytime! Anytime is a good time to resolve to do something that is positive and beneficial for ourselves and others. We need not wait till the end or beginning of the week or year. Yes, it’s easier to keep track but we can begin now.

Immature Mind Hops Around – Mature Mind Follows Through

We make promises to ourself that we hope to keep. Therein is the rub. We don’t make a resolution by hoping.  We make a resolution by committing. We are to be are purposeful, determined and unwavering? Is that you? If no then maybe you need some help.

First off what is your big resolution? I will go to the gym this year, everyday for an hour and lose 50 pounds. Fantastic! Will you keep it? If there is any doubt, if you waver in thinking about it what is the likelihood you will keep it? It would be better to chunk it down.

It would be better to say I will exercise 5 minutes every day. Yes, it could be more but make it reasonable and something you can do with or without the gym. I will walk more and sit less. Each time I get up to pee I will rebound for a minute.  Add exercise into your day.

No Matter How You Feel Get Up Dress Up Show Up Never Give Up

Build gradually and add more. Each time you do put a star on a piece of paper where you can see it. Yup, a star like the kind you may have received when a child. Pick your color. Or cross off each day on a calendar. At the end of 7 days gift yourself in a small way.

Give yourself a reward. Maybe go to the movie. Get a massage or pamper yourself in some healthy way. Enjoy some time with friends. Every day notice the sequence of consistent stars or Xs and resolve not to break the sequence. Keep it going!  This can work wonders.

Resolve to eat one healthy food and one less junk food. Resolve to get up 5 or 10 minutes earlier without the snooze button. Resolve to meet one new person a week. Resolve to smile more. Resolve to add more laughter and delight. Aim at what you want and make it simple.

Commitment Means Staying Loyal To What You Said You Will Do

Work toward the large goal in steps tiny enough to do every day but not so small they are boring or insignificant. Notice your progress by keeping track visually. Don’t break the sequence! Reward yourself every so often. Find an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Realize that champion athletes frequently don’t feel like training or conditioning but they do it anyway. They delay instant gratification for the larger reward. The prize is important enough to them to do this. Plus, they often find a coach or teammate to work with.

Having support or an accountability partner to inspire you, to compete with, to mutually assist in your goals and resolutions will help a lot. Sometimes keeping a commitment to a friend is more important to us than keeping promises to ourselves.  That is good.

It Is The Follow Through That Makes The Difference – Keep Going

However, keep promises to yourself too! If you say you will do something positive and good follow through on it. Make your word the law. Develop mental toughness. Bootstrap it. Get serious enough with yourself that you do it regardless. Chant positive affirmations.

Create a powerful mantra you declare to see you through. When the mind is right all the rest follows. If you are lazy and procrastinate you need to get your mind in order first. Your feelings will follow your thoughts and your actions stem from your feelings. Get it?

Keep in mind when you get in a boat to go sailing. Even if you have no final destination. You just are going to lazy about sail. You really do. You actually don’t just drift about unless you purposefully  take your hands of the rudder and sail and lie back to drift. Understand?

No Limits On Anything  The More You Dream The Farther You Get

You decide each moment which way to go. You also know at some point you’ll head back to the dock. You are always deciding and doing even when you don’t realize you are. You make decisions each second of the day. Learn to make your decisions serve you.

Deadlines are important too.  Again, chunk it down but keep it interesting. Instead of saying I’ll clean the whole house by Friday. . Say I will clean the kitchen counter this morning for 20 minutes or 10 minutes. In the afternoon do another set or pick something else.

Decide to sneak up on it and do it. In order to change you must leave your comfort zone sometime. Procrastination and laziness is staying within your zone of comfort. If you want to make your life different you will have to make some changes or it will remain the same.

Keep Your Head Up Your Heart Strong Wear Your Invisible Crown

Commit. Remember to be resolute means admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. Whatever you are resolute to do don’t stop. Keep going! Don’t break the sequence. Keep on going!

Step by step you get there. Have fun. Enjoy it! Be committed to it. Make your word the law. Keep your promises to you and others. Delight and reward yourself for your progress. Celebrate doing it and your progress. Be thankful to do it. All helps you move forward.

Have a blessed new time keeping your promises! May you make all your dreams come true. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate each moment today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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