This Can Change Your Life: Can You Answer These Questions?


“My last post consisted of questions I asked if you could answer. Believe me I have plenty more questions you could ask yourself and perhaps down the road we  can explore those together. The question I have for you is did you stop and take the time to consider each?

Did you answer the questions? Were some easier than others? What answers did you get back. Did some answers make you feel wonderful? Did some bother or upset you? If so, in either case, why do you suppose that is? Explore, examine, take time, reflect. Why?

What did you uncover? Why don’t you feel on top of the world if you don’t? One of the reasons is that when you ask questions such as these you encounter your beliefs or limitations. You encounter your rules. You encounter you optimism or pessimism. Insightful?

Beliefs Are A Magnet That Attract Your Reality – You Create It

You encounter you. If anything presented as a limitation you might wish to further explore that. I recommend it. Examine the belief or rule, the feeling, the limitation and ask questions about it. Why is it there? What might it mean? What does it cause you to do or not do?

How does it help you? How does it limit you? Does it protect you? When will you stop it from being a limitation? Do you need it  any longer? Perhaps, it served you at one time but isn’t useful any more? Maybe it is time to change it? If not, why not? What to do instead?

What would you rather think, see, imagine, and feel that is more in alignment with who you are? When do you want to begin doing this? What is a more supportive belief or rule you can adopt and make your own? Will you do this? Will you commit to it? If not, why not?

Always Remember What You Focus On Creates Your Reality

For example, I asked can you celebrate everything? If not why can’t you? What is it about that thought that you would say no to? If you said no, why what are the reasons? These are other supporting beliefs, or values or rules that operate underneath your main one.

These work in conjunction. These tend to hang together as a cluster of grapes does, each in a bunch. You can change one and you may have to change or adjust some others. I asked if you will celebrate everything. What did you encounter? When could you?

What would be necessary? What would make it possible? Is it desirable? Can you imagine counting everything as a blessing? If not why not? If yes, why is that? Seek to uncover that which holds you back so you can change and adopt more supportive ones. Get it?

If You Spend Life Expecting A Storm You’ll Never See The Sunshine

You never have to, nor should you ever, be held back from some positive good, that harms no one, but allows you and others to move forward into being who you and they want. Find freedom to be and expand your horizons and make your positive dreams come true.

You make it happen first inside your thoughts and feelings and then by the positive inspired actions you take. You continue to find or create away, adjusting as necessary until you arrive. You keep going and never quit? Do you understand this? Can you do it? Yes or no?

Can you will you commit to making your life as you would like it to be? Can you do it and assist others to live their dreams while allowing them or others to support you as well? Can you discover and practice the belief that everything is a blessing?

Your Beliefs Determine Your Actions – Actions Determine Results

Can you?  Will you turn a sows ear into a silk purse? Can you concentrate and focus on what you want and work to make it happen? Will you? Will you focus on the silver lining and not the darkness? You do realize your success and happiness is up to you?

Explore, discover, ask and uncover. Seek, knock and wait expectantly. When you find notions that make you feel bad or don’t support you as you are or want to be have the courage and tenacity to examine them, and then choose whether to keep them or not.

Or put them into contexts. In some cases or situations they may be useful to keep while in others they do not apply and shouldn’t be applied. Exchange them for positive ones when possible. Reframe as necessary. Move forward. Can you do this? If not, why not?

Believe In You And Your Power To Create The Future You Want

Explore, discover and evolve yourself. Free yourself to be you who can live the life of your dreams. Enjoy the process. Have fun. Take it lightly but seriously. Spend time throwing out those beliefs that no longer fit you or those that hold you back. Practice gratitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live each day fully!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Thanks Rex, I can tell by your words, you spend a lot of time writing this wonderful work.

    On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 12:04 AM, Rex Sikes’ Daily Inspiration and Gratitude wrote:

    > rexsikes posted: ” “My last post consisted of questions I asked if you > could answer. Believe me I have plenty more questions you could ask > yourself and perhaps down the road we can explore those together. The > question I have for you is did you stop and take the time to” >

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