Stop Working For Money!


“Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, ‘If you work only for money you will never be happy. You will never have enough.’ The article was posted on Facebook and many people responded complaining that he didn’t know what they were going through. The were mad at him.

It’s easy for people to miss the point when one is caught up in hardship. If all one is focused on is making ends meet, getting out of debt, and paying off bills one may have a skewed version of reality. That reality is hard. Lack fills the mind. Struggle is all one knows.

Make family, or love, or freedom or something else more important than money and work for that. Money won’t make you happy. Be happy first. Live for a larger purpose than lots of cash. Make your end result something valuable. Money isn’t really a good motivator.

You Are Already Rich – Notice All You Have That Money Cant’Buy

Wanting money either comes from lack mentality or greed mentality.  If you have a larger more important vision you will do whatever it takes, yes even struggle, to make ends meet and rise above. You will do it for the love of your family or your larger goal.

Money, seems to be a good motivator, for most of us, but it truly isn’t enough. When you seek fulfillment of a larger purpose, and as you improve your situations, you feel better. Feeling good about what you are seeking, feeling it is worthwhile, is a better motivator.

Actually, it works best if you feel better first. Then work at your larger purpose. If you feel good first it means your thoughts and feelings are aligned. It means your head is screwed on correctly so that your feelings and actions flow more easily and readily.

Outstanding People Have In Common – Absolute Sense Of Mission

Cook’s point seems to be if all you want is money there will never be enough. If you think money will save you and make you happy and free then you will always just want more.  Instead, look to something more valuable to fulfill you and pursue that. Greed isn’t great.

Pursue your larger vision first and money may follow. Working for money isn’t enough of a big reason but your children or your parents may be. It is difficult to listen to people who have a lot of money because we fall into the ‘that is easy for you to say’ syndrome.

‘You don’t know how we struggle’. My guess is (and I don’t know his history he could have been born to wealth, but if not) he worked hard to get where he is. Most successful business owners worked and struggled fiercely. Most don’t get a free ride to the top.

Some People Are So Poor – All They Have Is Money

Bottom line if you want to end money woes develop yourself. Educate yourself on how to make and handle money. That is good. Instead of seeking money seek to make yourself happy first. Get your head and heart in order. Pursue higher values than piles of cash.

Live your passion. Pursue your passions. That will keep you interested and dedicated. Your focus will be on what you love and enjoy instead of what you don’t have. We get what we focus on. Stay focused on good things. Be grateful for what you already have. Enjoy life to the fullest now. Don’t miss out on it. Live! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day. How are you going to live it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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