How To Begin To Claim Back Your Health And Well Being

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“The road to good health and fitness is lined with products and services. Exercise equipment and gym memberships unused. Diets tried, applied and given up on. It is a billion dollar industry much of which is driven by profits for failure. Is good health possible?

Yes, of course it is. Everyday healthy, well-adjusted, happy people walk the planet. At the same time heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes for young and old, allergies are on the increase. Much of this is related to the chemicals and additives hidden in our foods.

Our food, our soil, are nutritionally depleted and most people live on processed, packaged, fast foods or restaurants. We live in boxes with off gassing carpets and particle board. Our water is fluoridated and contaminated. Sorry, it is not a pretty picture overall.

It Only Takes One Person To Change Your Life – That Person Is You

Yet, most science and research and experts agree that filling your mind with happy, positive or pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health. Research into beliefs and the placebo effect demonstrate the effectiveness of our mindset in healing and recovery.

We can experience greater well being maintaining a high vibration positive mindset; an optimistic outlook, coupled with healthy daily practices. A good dose of positivity and personal belief in your own health, moderate exercise, good food and sleep can work wonders.

Attitude determines your altitude. It is the special ingredient that helps all the rest work together more easily and effortlessly. The quickest way to make and manage any lifestyle change,  job or career, relationships, etc., is by adopting a healthy positive attitude.

You Are What You Eat So Don’t Be Cheap Fast Easy Or Fake

Your happy thoughts and practices do help create a healthy body and mind. If there are a lot of changes you wish to make do a little bit at a time. First and foremost get your thinking working for you. That is number one. Control your thoughts and emotions. Think positive.

Adjust what you eat to include more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of processed foods and sugars. Drink more pure. clean water. Walk more, move more. Get some better sleep. Detox occasionally by bath or sauna. Get some fresh air.

Keep it simple. Avoid chemical and toxins in products. Read labels.  If you can pronounce what is in it don’t buy or eat it. When it comes to hair and body products a good rule of thumb is if you can’t eat it (or pronounce it) don’t wear it or use it. Simplify everything.

Stick With It – The Longer You Do The More Normal It Will  Feel

You don’t have to try to live in a log cabin or back in time. Simply attempt to get a little bit closer to nature. Live life and eat more like it was a 150 years ago when there fewer less chemicals and substances in the environment, our food, and less artificial light.

We were closer to the earth, more agrarian and less industrialized. Today, we are bombarded by microwaves, wi-fi, constant endless, distractions, chemicals, pesticides, poisons in our food, water and building and decorating materials. Simplify. Get back to nature.

Get back to nature even just little bit. We can’t escape the woes of the world, yet, we need not be worried or live fearfully. What we are able to do to live healthier, perhaps we should do. Engage in healthy mental and physical practices. Relax more, chill and seek balance.

Today’s Progress Is Determined By Yesterday’s Choices

Meditate and forgive. Practice appreciation and gratitude. Live and let live. Enjoy people and the planet. Get out more often. Socialize. Leave political talk aside sometimes and just have fun and pleasant conversations. Dance, sing, be free. Let go. Delight and enjoy.

You’ll feel better if you do a little of each of these. It isn’t difficult if you take tiny steps to improve your health overall. Then it is just a step at a time. You can do this. It is quite simple to simplify. Think, eat, sleep, move and live well. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

It is your day. Spend it well!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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