Have You Been A Wimp? Here’s How To Stop!


“Many people live as wimps. I’m sorry to say that but it is true. They have accepted victim roles and live not from their power but from excuses and reasons why they aren’t what they could be nor have what they want. That thinking will never get you anywhere.

It is tough love time. You are the only person who can change you. You are the only one who can take charge and make your life different. No one else can. If you don’t learn to live life by your terms, you will live life by anyone and everyone else’s terms. Get it?

Unless you are locked in a jail or tied to a chair you are the person in charge of your eating habits. You have control over coming and going. You decide what to do. It is not a perfect example but you follow it don’t you? You make the decisions about your life.

Visualize Your Success Then Take Action Focus On What You Want

You are the only person in charge of your eating and drinking habits. Yes, other may have made recommendations but you are the person with control whether or not you exercise it. You determine how much television you watch. You decide how much water you drink.

You are in charge of how much exercise you take. You decide what you want to do and what you want to resist. You are in charge of what you do and what you don’t do. My point is, act like it. Get it? Recognize your power and chose to use it. Put yourself in charge.

You already are in charge whether you live like it or not. It is time to realize this. If you want to make a change then make it. Stop excusing yourself, blaming yourself, others or the world and get to it. Make the positive good things you want to happen actually happen.

Dream Big – Set Goals – Take Action – You Get What You Focus On

Apply yourself. Take control of your thinking. Decide you can and go after it. Become a thought champion. Then act like one. Pursue your goals. If you want to lose weight do whatever positive actions it requires. Drink more water. Eat a little healthier. Move more.

Nothing will change unless you change first. Change your thinking. Change what you think about. Change how you think. Focus on the good you want. Focus on the positive. Focus on what you can do and do it. Step by step. Inch toward your goal. Move closer and closer.

You will do it if you want it badly enough and if you believe you can. Mindset is 95-99% of what you need to make things happen. Then a little bit of inspired action and you can be well on your way. Claim control. Be in charge. No more excuses. Be wimpy no more. Do it!

Your Future Depends On What You Do Today

Start living life on your terms. Start living your dreams. Make it happen. As you do you will get more excited. You will feel proud and more positive. With each obstacle you get past you will feel more exhilarated. With each step you get closer. Do it! Keep at it!

The more you manifest the more you can manifest. You learn the ropes. It gets easier as you practice. With each goal you get you can set bigger and larger goals. You graduate into it. So get to it! Make it happen. Claim your life back. Have a blast.  Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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