What Is Critical You Learn From The Cold Or Flu

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“A few blogs ago I shared what we could learn from having the cold or flu. One of the main points is, when things don’t feel right we notice it. It may be painful, but this is a good thing. Our body signals us that something is amiss and needs attending to. We need healing.

If we didn’t feel bad we might never know to take care of it. So it is good that painful symptoms get our attention. The issue, however, is to not focus on the symptoms and the pains, but on feeling well. I pointed out I learned to focus on feeling blessed and what was good.

By shifting away from the negative, or less than glorious or painful current physical events, and to positive or more healthy feelings, I could find in me, I began to feel better and heal more rapidly. The better my attitude is, the more my health swiftly improves.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Your Thoughts Begin It

It isn’t easy to shift focus. It takes practice and conditioning. That is why I recommend daily practice. Find the good. Find the delightful and the new. Find the blessings. Shift away from the negative, the hurtful, the destructive to the positive and the productive. Get it?

Over time we develop the habit of shifting our attention. Remember our energy flows where our attention goes. After a long enough duration of daily practice it becomes automatic. Be thankful for problems and obstacles. They help you strengthen the habit.

Shift when things are personally painful. When you are sick. When you feel overwhelmed by bills. When you feel lonely or underserving of love, kindness or abundance; shift from less than productive, less than glorious, negative, painful thoughts and feelings to the positive.

Your Emotions Amplify Your Thoughts – Stop Feeding The Weeds

Stop focusing on what is. Don’t deny it. Acknowledge it. It is a symptom. Focus on what you want instead. Put your attention on what you want. Get it? Create what you want!! Don’t get caught up in what is wrong. STOP and focus on what is right! Promote that.

The same can be said about current affairs, the political climate, the economy, wars and the world at large. Don’t focus on the wrongs. Notice, these are symptoms. Something must change. Don’t deny. Shift attention from the wrongs to what the rights can and must be.

Attend to what you want to build. Don’t focus on debt. Focus on making money. Don’t focus on war. Focus on creating peace. Don’t focus on illness. Focus on promoting health. Don’t focus on restrictions. Focus on ensuring freedom. BUILD what you want.

Reclaim Your Time Attention Energy And Feelings From Negativity

Be glad you can! Be glad you can find good. There is still always more right than there is wrong, but sometimes our perceptions get screwed up. Focus on the blessings. Focus on the fact that you can create change! Even if you don’t know how yet, you can do it.

Be grateful personally and for the world. Find the silver linings. Find the hidden gems. Seek to uncover treasures buried deep. You can miss them if you don’t look for them. Find what there is to be thankful and be thankful. You can! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Marvelous is this moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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