Expert Reveals: How You Can Accelerate Manifesting Good Things In Your Life

“Can we speed up the process, if that’s possible? Must we change step by step or can we make some leaps? How can we most easily and readily transform ourselves and our reality? What will help us unlock the secret to make things happen?

Focus on play! Focus on childlike joy. Pretend, and you can accomplish anything. See the invisible. Practice seeing what isn’t there yet, which may be the polar opposite to what is going on for you now. Live in the wish fulfilled. Act as if. Believe and enjoy!

You can make steady, incremental progress toward your goals or alternatively it could manifest quickly and easily. Either possibility exists. What you manifest depends a lot on what you expect to manifest. Your expectations determine what you get. Attitude!

Everything Is Energy – Your Thoughts Begin It 

Attitude is everything. Stop calculating the distance from where you are to where you want to go. Live in the end zone. Live in the desire already fulfilled. Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. Thoughts become things. Pretend you already are. Feel it.

Expect unexpected good. Expect good things. Expect it to be easy. This is a training process. You are conditioning your subconscious mind to deliver to you what you want. First, it has to be clear on what you want. Daily, visualize your desire fulfilled. Feel it.

Feelings are most important. Feel good most of the time. Live feeling joyful, happy, excited, thrilled, intrigued. Get captivated by little blessings and big ones. Be fascinated. Express your gratitude. Live fully. Happiness isn’t the destination, it IS the journey. Be happy now.

Your Emotions Amplify It – Your Actions Increases Momentum

Manage your thoughts and feelings. Shift away from negativity, whining and complaints. Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Speak to praise and uplift. Speak what you want to happen not about what you don’t want to happen. Be present. Feel good.

Expect miracles. Give generously and receive freely. There is flow in giving and receiving. Allow for anything wonderful to occur. Expect a miracle. Be open. Whether or not one happens, live and enjoy life as if each minute is a miracle, because each minute is. This is how you can make leaps. So expect to. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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