Overcome This Tendency And You Can Create The Future Your Want!

“There is something that holds most people back from accomplishing their goals and dreams. Some people worry, have fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that they succumb to instead of champion over. Something else really limits your chances!

You must change this! ‘Energy flows where attention goes’! Pay attention to this principle. It means be careful where you put your attention. ‘You get what you focus on’. ‘You become what you think about’. So what are most people doing wrong? I’ll tell you.

Most people focus on their present ‘sucky’ reality as if that is all there is. Their attention is on the problems, issues, worries, fears, doubts, and limitations of the present. You need to stop this if you are doing it. Put your focus on what you want. On what you want!

What You Think And Feel And What Manifests Is Always A Match

However, there is a way of doing this that works. Some hope and wish and desire what they want but don’t make it happen because their energy is a reaction against their worries, fears and doubts. They want to escape Texas more than they want to live in California.

When you want to avoid or eliminate more than you want to get or obtain, your internal powers are out of balance. You are getting, creating, attracting or manifesting what you don’t want NOT what you do want. You have to shift focus to what you DO want!

Here is a very important piece. While it is all serious  business you can’t take it seriously. You want to have fun, delight, be enthusiastic, filled with joy, peace, love and good will. The lighter you are, the better you feel, the more joy and positive energy, the easier it is.

Hold The Vision – Trust The Process – You Get What You Focus On

That is why happiness and success are not destinations BUT the journey! Here is another very important piece I remind you of again and again. Be as a little child. Be open, filled with wonder, awe and curiosity. Have fun, play. PLAY for goodness sakes, is a key! PLAY!

Pretend you already have everything you want. You are already the person you desire to be. You are doing the very thing you have always wanted to do. Pretend fully. Think the thoughts you’d think if you’d already arrived in California. You already got your goals.

How would you feel? What would you see, hear, think, feel, experience, taste, and smell differently? What would you be doing? Where would you be? What would those close to you be saying to you and about you? Who would you be surrounded by? How is life?

You Are A Manifestation Of Your Fantasy – Think Positively

What kind of money would you be making? Where would you be living? What would you be driving? How would you spend your time? Pretend you know all of it and pretend it already has happened. Feel the incredibly wonderful feelings and thoughts you’d be thinking.

Play and have fun. Delight in this. Spend more time feeling your future already has having happened than you do the current reality. You are where your thoughts have brought you. You will be where your thoughts take you. Energy flows where attention goes!

Get over living in a ‘sucky’ reality being concerned with what you don’t want. And start imagining the reality you do want as if you already have it. Overcome the tendency to remain stuck in the present. Focus on what you want to get. Play with it. Have fun!

What You Feel You Attract – What You Think You Become

Take it lightly. Enjoy the process. Be happy and thrilled. Be grateful for all. Express your thrills and delights. Notice the small things that excite you. Become a little child and be fascinated. If you are too serious and work too hard you actually push things away. Invite it all!

You invite when you become inviting. Be friendly, be fun, be passionate. Enjoy the process. Count the small wins along the way. Keep the faith and really pretend as a little child pretends. Visualize and imagine specifically what that future is like and feel it right now. Make it a blast. Expect good things to happen. Be positive. Become an optimist. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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