Tony Robbins Is Wrong! Research Shows Positivity Affects Your Health

Does positivity help you to be healthy? What does research indicate? Can happy thoughts lead to a happy body? If it were true you could influence your health by thinking differently would you? John Hopkins University research indicates it makes a difference.

Filling your mind with happy, positive thoughts is a quick way to health. It may be the fastest road to good health. This is why it’s important to read positive materials, listen to positive audios, and think positively consistently. It helps keep you healthier.

This is why your daily rituals should include positive affirmations, visualization, hanging out with other positive people and making the effort to think and feel better. Tony Robbins is wrong, positive thinking is not thinking, ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds’.

Go 24 Hours Without Complaining Notice How Your Life Improves

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you ignore less difficult situations. Positive thinking means that you approach circumstances in a more positive and productive way. You think or expect the best will happen, not the worst. You determine to make things work out.

The Mayo Clinic reported the maintaining positive thoughts and self talk leads to an increased life span, lower rates of depression and distress. It leads to greater resistance to colds, better psychological and physical well being and better cardiovascular  health .

It also helped people have better coping skills during times of stress and hardship. The Mayo Clinic suggested people learn to manage their self-talk. This is our inner auditory thoughts. Instead of getting down on ourself and life we manage our thinking to be the best.

Always Begin And End The Day With Positive Thoughts 

We can practice this and make positivity a habit. Whenever we become aware we are thinking or speaking silently or out loud less than gloriously we stop and correct it. Instead of saying, ‘I could never do that’ we switch it to, ‘I could do that.’

It is important that we believe our thoughts too so we may need to get there in steps. If you doubt you could do that you can work your way there by saying, ‘I could learn to do that. Given the opportunity I could begin to learn to do that. I can learn to do that.’ Get it?

‘I will learn to do that. I can do that’. It is up to you how you traverse this mental pathway but you select the thoughts that move you forward bit by bit. Positive thinking can be powerful and really make a difference for you in your life. Spend more time thinking good.

Positive Anything Is Better Than Negative Nothing – Be Positive

Then you will spend more time feeling good. A great way to think better is to appreciate more of yourself, life and those people, circumstances and things around you. Most of what makes us feel good and makes us truly rich are free; family, friends, the world.

Notice the beauty of the world, the taste of your food, the time spent having fun and express your gratitude for these. Spend more time thinking better, appreciating yourself and life and you’ll spend more time feeling good. That is reason enough to celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Below is a link to an article from John Hopkins on positive thinking and heart health

Click Here For Article On Positive Thinking And Good Health

Imagine the glass half full today!

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5 thoughts on “Tony Robbins Is Wrong! Research Shows Positivity Affects Your Health”

  1. I don’t follow Tony Robbinson – so I don’t know what he talks about. Though, I am surprised he doesn’t talk about positivity at all.
    Anyway, I believe you gotta be positive every second of the day. It needs to be the habit, the automatic pilot. And negativity or being down just is not healthy way to be or a pleasant way to live life. I also acknowledge it is not easy to be positive if you natural (acquired) state is a state of worry.

    Nice post as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely, and many other sources agree. Many benefits to thinking and feeling positive. Thanks for sharing! That is awesome. All the very best wishes to you


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