Audio Blog: Success Tips You Can Use!

“Perhaps, you didn’t know I am a director, producer and an actor. I have a Inet radio show/podcast Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat. Two years ago I canceled a show because my guest had to cancel last minute. I decided to share success tips anyone can use to get ahead.

I posted it here a while back but have decided to re-post it because it is useful. New readers may not have looked back into the history of the blog yet, and discovered all that here within these pages. It was extemporaneous, off the cuff: like a live FB video. Spontaneous.

I encourage readers to re-read. Make a study of these blogs and the valuable inspirational materials you read and listen to. When you go back and review, at another time, you will find things you missed. Old things take on new meaning. It is a valuable use of your time!

What We Hope To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

Study. Practice and you will grow. Enjoy listening to the podcast. Use the link below. FYI: Prior to getting into the material I do discuss the Movie Beat show upcoming guest and more. So hang in there. a couple minutes. Whether you are a filmmaker or not there is much here to learn from. You can use the information to change your life and get your goals. Enjoy and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Click Link To Listen To Success Tips You Can Use

Use what you know, apply it, to make your day wonderful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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